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The Magical Properties of the Hand Fan that Every Woman has to KnowThe Magical Properties of the Hand Fan that Every Woman has to Know
01 Dec.
The hand fan is a characteristic element of the overall image of the Asian lady. It bestows femininity, style and class. Further, it's the perfect tool for cooling off with in hot weather. But the fan is much more...
Why a genius and madness go hand in handWhy a genius and madness go hand in hand
01 Feb.
Creators and those mostly brilliant among them often suffer from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Scientists say it is due to the substance, dopamine. The brain reacts differently to dopamine, which functions...
Palmistry - Structure of the HandPalmistry - Structure of the Hand
28 Oct.
rough hands, however, becomes angered easily and is ready to explode at the slightest provocation. Hand of the medium - out of all the possible shapes of the hand, the hand of the medium is the most beautiful and also...
Quartz - Meaning and PropertiesQuartz - Meaning and Properties
28 Nov.
Quartz is known for its magic properties, that healers and seers have been using since antiquity. Quartz with inlaid gold is a very potent talisman. It can be identified by looking at it in light - if you can spot...
Aquamarine - Meaning and PropertiesAquamarine - Meaning and Properties
17 Sept.
into various nuances of the color blue. This depends entirely on the person wearing it. Aquamarine is capable of absorbing the emotions of the person wearing it near their body. If it then changes hands and...
Magic Properties of RingsMagic Properties of Rings
11 Nov.
beginning and end. Nowadays rings have a more practical meaning. Initially they were used as accessories by girls only. They were crafted from stone and had no value. People who believe in the magical properties of...
What the Most Common Hand Gestures MeanWhat the Most Common Hand Gestures Mean
23 Feb.
family, police officers and teachers. Holding one's hands behind their back shows self-confidence and superiority. If, however, one hand is holding the other by the wrist instead of by the elbow, this signifies...
Meaning and Properties of ZirconMeaning and Properties of Zircon
17 Apr.
different colors also possess different healing and magical properties: - Colorless zircon - cleanses the aura and is worn for protection. - Yellow zircon - brings wisdom, attracts love and is worn to boost...
The healing properties of gemstonesThe healing properties of gemstones
24 June
Aquamarine - banishes fears, protects the nervous system, as well as kidneys, thyroid, bronchi and helps you to tolerate heat more. Alexandrite - strengthens blood vessels, pancreas and gallbladder, regulates blood...
Trees with Magical PropertiesTrees with Magical Properties
06 Oct.
Trees have been loyal friends to mankind ever since the world came to be. Their crowns provide thick shade when the weather is hot but this is not the limit to their unique qualities. Even our forefathers knew that...
Onyx - Meaning and PropertiesOnyx - Meaning and Properties
18 Sept.
properties, can even help with a health issue and increases appetite. As far back as ancient times, onyx was thought to have magical properties. In ancient Rome, for example, it was thought to be one of the most...
The Gifts of Fall Containing Magical PropertiesThe Gifts of Fall Containing Magical Properties
12 Sept.
As we get into autumn, the natural world around us transforms once again. Many fruits ripen, while the leaves of certain trees change color and begin to fall off, blanketing the ground with a multi-colored, enigmatic...
The Magical Properties of the BroomThe Magical Properties of the Broom
17 June
In the realm of magic, the broom is most often linked to witches. According to legends, they used their brooms to fly around on. This item truly does possess powerful magical properties. The broom is the symbol of...
Water charged with stones has incredible propertiesWater charged with stones has incredible properties
13 Aug.
Water has beneficial effects on humans, when loaded with energy and minerals. To get the stone’s power out, put it in water in the sun, just at sunrise. You can put a piece of the mineral or a gem with it in, like a...
Properties of the Bloodstone HeliotropeProperties of the Bloodstone Heliotrope
07 Nov.
possess magical properties allowing it to control the weather, stop lightning and answer the call for rain. Bloodstone is worn against threats and harassment - whether verbal or physical. It can point our thoughts in...

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