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The magical properties of gold

Nina NordNina Nord
Gold Jewelry

Gold, except as jewelry can also be used to attract good luck and treat diseases. Gold protects its owner from evil thoughts and jinxes.

If you do not feel enough inner strength, regularly replace your gold jewelry as it is possible for some of it to slow the progress of your personality.

Gold calms the emotions of a person and makes them more balanced and calm, as it is more difficult to anger these people. It helps to be independent of moods, to make decisions at the level of sense and not at emotional levels.

People who are easily frustrated should wear gold chains with medallions, place medallion so that it touches the top of the solar plexus. This will act comforting, and will normalize your blood pressure.

A solid gold signet ring with a single jewel ornaments gives its owner power like luck and money.

The gem opens the eyes of the holder to the best opportunities and gives them courage to take the needed risks. This ring is suitable for active people who fight for their interests, it will only reinforce those properties of theirs.

Gold earrings without stones, enamel and metal accessories should be given to women to help discover their true selves, to shed their complexes and foreign influence. These earrings will make a woman liberated and free to choose her own solutions.

Each lady will get more confidence in herself with such jewelry, many new admirers will suddenly appear. Gold earrings are a powerful talisman that helps first love when meeting new man or a job interview.

Gold bracelets should not be worn by people who are afraid to be emotionally dependent on anyone and by people who easily succumb to harmful foreign influences.

For them, the bracelet becomes a bondage that adversely affect their lives. If you want to neutralize the influence of the bracelet, choose one with additional gemstones, or other decorations.

In its pure form, a gold bracelet is the perfect companion for people with a creative profession, as it will inspire them to create masterpieces.

It is believed that gold has healing properties. If you hold a golden jewel in your mouth for a minute, toothache will decrease. For toothache, you must place a jewel of gold in a little water and after half an hour, take it out and rinse your mouth with the water about every ten minutes.