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Quartz - Meaning and Properties

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Quartz is known for its magic properties, that healers and seers have been using since antiquity. Quartz with inlaid gold is a very potent talisman.

It can be identified by looking at it in light - if you can spot thin golden threads in its middle. According to an ancient legend, the goddess of love, Venus, dropped a strand of her golden hair in the crystal waters of a mountain stream and they froze forever.

A Venus hair stone is a talisman that fights loneliness, it increases love and creative energy. A jewelry piece with this type of stone is normally given to a loved one with the hope of making their own love last or for a new love to ignite. Quartz worn on the breast shields against letdowns in love.

Quartz has a benign affect on breathing and the lungs. It is thought that wearing a quartz item, a small piece or quartz crystal significantly relieves colds. You can wear it as a necklace or in your pocket.

Chick with Quartz

In folk medicine, quartz water finds popular use - it can be made right at home. Let the quartz sit in water for 12 hours or filter the water through a special mixture of different types of quartz.

Quartz water possesses healing properties and is extremely beneficial for the human body. It is biologically active and a healthy prophylactic against different diseases, for stimulating and rejuvenating the body.

Quartz water is also used in cosmetics. If washing one's face with it for an extended period, the results are unbelievable - a more elastic, smooth and healthy skin; it gets rid of wrinkles and provides a youthful appearance to the face.

Quartz water is also used to moisten the skin, for making compresses to treat trauma, burns, skin inflammation and deep cuts.

Quartz, besides all of its healing properties, has the ability to attract love, luck, success and material well-being. It also develops the imagination and aids in activating the thinking processes.