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Magic Properties of Rings

Antonia R.Antonia R.

For ages, the ring has been viewed as the most significant symbol of power. Here's why this object has played a central role in different rituals in the world of magic and why modern-day esoterics practically worship it.

The ring is used as a symbol of marriage, to mark the newlyweds, while in ancient times they were used as hiding places for poisonous substances.

The magic of rings lies in their infinity - they have no beginning and end.

Big Ring

Nowadays rings have a more practical meaning. Initially they were used as accessories by girls only. They were crafted from stone and had no value.

Magic Rings

People who believe in the magical properties of rings do not wear a lot of them. The interesting thing is that magicians where 1, or at most 2 rings.

The material that the ring is crafted from also has a specific meaning - whether the owner achieves their goals depends on it.

Jewelled Rings

Silver - it develops the intuitive, it wraps the aura of the owner in secrecy and magic;

Gold - it attracts success and luck. By wearing golden rings, people become more bold and confident;

Iron - it boosts one's activity and will to live but makes its owners more aggressive. For example, the Vikings would wear rings with iron ornaments;

Copper - recommended for people who want to find their soulmate because this metal attracts love;

Lead - increases the goodness in a person.

To complete the magical effect, it matters on which finger you will wear the ring.

Thumb - a ring worn on this finger is recommended for people with an explosive and emotional temper. This way they will extinguish some of their fiery temper and alleviate stress.

Index finger - as a rule, that is where humble people place their ring, those who do not wish to stand out. This way they increase their self-confidence and become bolder.

Middle finger - on this finger, the ring functions as a talisman. It helps the wearer in making important decisions.

Ring finger - if you want to attract love and romance to your life, where your ring on the ring finger.

Pinky - a ring on the pinky brings success in business, expands thinking and flexibility.