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The Magical Properties of the Hand Fan that Every Woman has to Know

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The hand fan is a characteristic element of the overall image of the Asian lady. It bestows femininity, style and class. Further, it's the perfect tool for cooling off with in hot weather.

But the fan is much more than a fashion accessory - according to Feng Shui it possesses magical properties which few are aware of, those being the abilities to ward off evil spirits and attract positive energy.

According to a very ancient Chinese legend, the hand fan was a gift to humanity from the powerful Goddess of the Winds. After she presented it to the human race, she promised that she would come to their aid whenever they waved it.

Since then the hand fan has been widely revered in Asian culture. You can now find them in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors, decorated with exquisite artwork or prayer inscriptions.

Evil Eye

Curiously, depending on the size and coloration of the fan, its magical influence on the person varies. For example, a red fan will make you more self-confident and fearless.

As such, it is advised to keep it in your handbag when going to events at which you feel unsure of yourself. It also helps renew the passion in a relationship, so place it in your bedroom as well.

A hand fan with peacock feathers helps ward off the evil eye. It protects its owner from negative energy by reflecting back everything bad the ill-wisher sends.

If a woman desires to get married soon and have children, a hand fan depicting a dragon will help her achieve this. This symbol portends of an engagement soon, followed by a long and happy marriage.

A souvenir in the form of a hand fan can also protect a home's inhabitants from evil eyes and ill wishes. But it's important to know that it must not be placed facing the front door because in that case its effect on the family would be negative.

Jewelry in the form of a fan is also a potent weapon in any lady's arsenal because it charges them with femininity and magnetism. It's also believed to help treat feminine diseases faster.



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