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Onyx - Meaning and Properties

Onyx Jewels

Onyx is a semi-precious stone, a variety of agate. It can be found in all sorts of colors - brown, green, black, covered with bands, but the most common tone is black. When it comes to astrology, onyx is a fitting stone for the signs Capricorn and Virgo.

If you wear a ring with an onyx stone this will attract you more luck, shield you from dark thoughts and depression. As a whole, onyx possesses numerous beneficial properties, can even help with a health issue and increases appetite.

As far back as ancient times, onyx was thought to have magical properties. In ancient Rome, for example, it was thought to be one of the most powerful amulets. They called it the "stone of the orators" - during jury trials they would put it under their tongue so their pleadings would sound more striking. According to different sages and clairvoyants, onyx truly does have magic powers but only if used for good; if the person uses it with honorable intentions and a benign heart, it acts as an attractive force for success.

Traditions and perceptions vary all over the world. Onyx is not such a well-received stone in all parts of the world as it was in ancient Rome. In China for example, it is seen as a symbol of something bad, it carries darkness and negative energy with it, and when translated from Arabic, onyx means sorrow.


In other regions, onyx plays an important role in folk medicine. If you wear jewelry made of this precious stone, this will improve the function of all internal organs, especially the liver and kidneys. Additionally, onyx improves hearing and strengthens the spinal cord. It helps those suffering from rheumatic diseases, brings back appetite, treats intestinal worms. It needs to be worn at the level of the solar plexus because it best affects that associated chakra.

This stone is also believed to aid in various nervous disorders - depression, stress, it allows for a better night's sleep and gets rid of nightmares. In some countries they even believe that onyx can increase potency. Highly suitable for leaders who know what they want and spare no effort in achieving it.

If you're a person with a rock-solid discipline, this stone will help you realize your intentions and continue moving forward. It's also been called the stone of commanders, leaders and pioneers.