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Aquamarine - Meaning and Properties

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Eastern traditions revere the aquamarine stone, for it has been seen as a symbol of honor, beauty and loyalty since ancient times. During separation, this beautiful stone had the task of preserving love.

That is why during a separation men would often give their beloved jewelry decorated with aquamarine, to ensure that the stone would keep them loyal until their return.

Aquamarine is believed to be able to change its color into various nuances of the color blue. This depends entirely on the person wearing it.

Aquamarine is capable of absorbing the emotions of the person wearing it near their body. If it then changes hands and becomes someone else's, the stone will carry with it all of the emotions of its previous owner and transfer them to the new one.

Aquamarine also has the capability of granting courage to the person who wears it. It is a stone able to instill a person with great decisiveness and strength. When you are in doubt about making the right decision or have to meet someone you're afraid of for whatever reason, take aquamarine jewelry with you - this stone will help you.


Aquamarine is considered the stone of the family. It can protect against quarrels and separation. But aquamarine does not tolerate lies and it is difficult for it to preserve loyalty and love in the family if one of the partners is tricking the other.

Aquamarine has a very good effect on health. It can relieve toothache, protects against agitation, has a beneficial effect on the stomach, liver, thyroid gland, gallbladder and aids against phobias and bouts of fear.

If you stare at aquamarine long enough, it will provide an effect similar to the sea - a calming one. In addition it helps improve eyesight. Aquamarine is the stone of the zodiac signs of Cancer, Libra and Aquarius. It must only be worn in daylight, so its qualities become apparent.

Since it has such a potent positive energy, the stone is capable of elevating mood, curing laziness, enhancing mental abilities.

Clairvoyants also frequently use this stone for their rituals. If you want your partner never to lie to you, give them the gift of aquamarine jewelry and be at ease.