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Properties of the Bloodstone Heliotrope


In the ancient world, heliotrope was considered among the most beautiful stones of jasper, with its lively, deep, striking and earthly green color, decorated with bright red inclusions.

Also called "bloodstone" and "stone of Christ", its energy carries the purity of blood and is essentially associated with life and birth, vitality and strength, passion and courage. It was used as a talisman due to its magical and mystical charisma. People believed that it would protect them and nourish them their vital energy and health.

The most widespread legend known about heliotrope comes from the Middle Ages. According to it, bloodstone was formed during Jesus Christ's crucifixion when blood from his wounds dripped onto the ground beneath dark green grass, eventually turning into the solid gemstone. Another legend goes that when the son of God was stabbed with the spear, his blood spilled down the cross and poured over broken green jaspers that were on the ground. And that was how heliotrope, a variety of jasper, came to be.

Today, just like back then, it is considered a semi-precious stone that became a symbol of divine self-sacrifice, one capable of granting courage and comfort to those destined to give for the good of others. Heliotrope awakens altruism and generosity within the character of those who wear it or carry it with them.

Heliotrope was prized long before the time of Christ. In Greek, "helios" means "Sun" and "trepein" - "to turn, to attract". The meaning ingrained then tells us that the stone attracts the Sun's rays. It was believed that when it was put facing the setting sun or submerged in water, it refracted the light and reflected it in reddish rays. Its usage as a means of healing and its symbolic connection to blood and detoxification of the organs dates back 5000 years to Mesopotamia.

In many cultures, heliotrope was placed on the body after the person took a dip in cold water to help their blood circulation and transfer the power of the sun to the living body. It was thought to prevent injury and diseases, that it stopped blood flow, slowed bleeding in cuts and had the power to provide vital energy for restoration.

Its coagulant effect was discovered early on by the ancient peoples, which was why warriors often carried this stone as an amulet. They were convinced that it provided them magical protection and inspired valor.

There are many other practical applications of bloodstone as well. When ground to powder it was mixed with honey, the pomade in turn used to treat tumors and remove snake venom from the bitten person. It was even said that it had the ability to remove so much pus in a single day that it could completely treat an abscess. Heliotrope was also believed capable of curing various eye diseases as soon as one laid eyes upon it.

Frequent contact with the stone cultivates good health, long life and brings it wearer fortune, wealth and fame. It's seen as a shield against curses. It can help you win an unbalanced conflict if your opponent is the one mostly responsible for its inception. Heliotrope protects against fraud and manipulation. It helps bring about a fair resolution to legal proceedings and other legal disputes. This type of jasper is believed to possess magical properties allowing it to control the weather, stop lightning and answer the call for rain.


Bloodstone is worn against threats and harassment - whether verbal or physical. It can point our thoughts in the right direction and guide us when we need to take more decisive actions and when it's time to keep quiet and withdraw. If you attach heliotrope to the clothes of a child or teenager that's being bullied, the stone can produce a miraculous transformation, granting them the skills and strength to adapt to the new and unfavorable conditions.

The stone of Christ can improve mental clarity and help a person in making decisions. It assures the necessary psychological boost whenever motivation is lacking and can liven up mind and body whenever their energy is faced with depletion. The stone stimulates dream occurrence and boosts intuition. It's great for augmenting creativity, for cultivating and realizing a given project from initial concept to its final result.

Heliotrope is the stone of the mother-goddess and as such takes care of resolving misunderstandings or difficulties dealing with motherhood. It also helps mothers connect with their child after a traumatic birth or when mother and baby have been separated for a time.

Additionally, heliotrope is an excellent immune system stimulator, protecting against cold, flu, infections and inflammations. It also provides noticeable aid in restoring and energizing the body after an illness, injury or physical exhaustion.



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