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Practical Tips for Falling Asleep QuicklyPractical Tips for Falling Asleep Quickly
19 Nov.
Insomnia might not seem like a serious problem but anyone who has experienced it knows how innerving it is and how it lowers quality of life. Here's why it's important to rid yourself of it in the fastest way possible....
Scientists Have Determined the Perfect Time for Falling AsleepScientists Have Determined the Perfect Time for Falling Asleep
20 Nov.
The experiments of the scientific team have shown that a person needs between 10-15 min. of repose with their eyes closed in order to prepare for falling asleep....
Love PotionsLove Potions
20 Sept.
Love potions tend to magnetically attract the opposite sex. Some charm using smell, others have to be drunk to work their magic. For centuries, it has been believed that chamomile helps in love affairs....
How to Interpret Flying, Falling and Swimming in a DreamHow to Interpret Flying, Falling and Swimming in a Dream
20 June
If you dream that you're falling on your back, it means you have to watch out for serious mistakes in reality....
Strongest love spellsStrongest love spells
15 Dec.
If these components are available, the next part of the magic can be done, the integration of faith that it will come true and the man will change, falling in love with whom he is ordered to....
In the U.S., New Year does not come without a ball fallingIn the U.S., New Year does not come without a ball falling
01 Jan.
The most popular tradition in the U.S., without which the New Year just can not start, is a New Year's ball drop in Times Square in New York, when exactly one minute remains until midnight. Thousands of people gather...
Love Divination at HomeLove Divination at Home
08 Sept.
If you too are among the people suffering from misfortune in love, don't rush to despair....
Love Divination with ApplesLove Divination with Apples
04 Nov.
For centuries, apples have been a symbol of the goddess of love for many peoples....
Love Divination with CardsLove Divination with Cards
21 July
A 9 of clubs - love, a 10 - wishes coming true. A jack of clubs - problems, a queen - a wife, girlfriend or lover. A king of clubs - a married or divorced man, ace of clubs - a house....
History of Love RitualsHistory of Love Rituals
22 Dec.
This widely spread ritual shows whether the feelings are mutual, as the answer to the question - he loves me, he loves me not (she loves me, she loves me not), is given by the last petal of the flower....
Love Horoscope for 2013Love Horoscope for 2013
16 Feb.
Jupiter in Gemini will allow for short love affairs in the first half of the year....
Love spells with candlesLove spells with candles
11 Nov.
Love spells with candles are practiced only if it what makes you make them is true love. One love spell with candles is made with the rising moon. Take two thin wax candles....
Supernatural Powers Love ChildrenSupernatural Powers Love Children
16 Sept.
Ten years later however she married a doctor who loved had loved her since childhood....
Love Advice from Peter DeunovLove Advice from Peter Deunov
07 Feb.
Know that a love that cannot withstand all the challenges in life is not true love. And do not feel regrets about it. The biggest mistake is to be afraid of lies in love. Love is not afraid of lies....
Yellow candles help with loveYellow candles help with love
06 Jan.
For example, yellow candles symbolize the earth element and are used to strengthen marriages and love relationships....

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