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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Leo


The new 2015, which falls under the symbol of the wood goat, will bring Leo tense and very happy moments in the romantic aspect.

From the first months of the year, single representatives of this sign will have to struggle with their insurmountable urge to influence and conquer everyone they take fancy to even a little bit. Leos will rely on their secret weapons, which have never let them down - their charm and inner strength.

Their uncontrollable drive will lead to victims of it, who will seek revenge later on.

Leos will be playing with the feelings of anyone in whom they don't see any perspective or intellect. They will use them for their own gratification until the right person appears who can tame and calm the intractable representatives of this fire sign.

Once this happens, Leo will fall into his own trap and completely dedicate himself to his new flame. He will be sweet, loyal and bring down the moon for his new partner.


The wood goat portends that the partner in question will be born under the sign of Aries or Scorpio, for only they will be able to conquer the blow-hard Leo with their skill and subtlety.

As far as the married members of this sign, they will pleasantly surprise their partners. Those Leos who have been married a long time will be exceptionally loyal and responsible toward their family. Newlyweds can expect several love adventures designed only for fun.

They won't be seeking permanent partners with which to spice up the same old routine because in their heart they are faithful to their chosen and would not allow in anyone else.

If we were to exclude these falterings, Leos will do much to stabilize their relationship with their partner. The wood goat leads them to be more romantic and dedicated, so vacations for them and their partner are quite possible.

Those who cannot afford such gifts will rely on a kind attitude and a lion's solidarity, which will be plenty to melt the heart of their beloved.