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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Capricorn


The love and emotional aspect for representatives of Capricorn won't be brimming with much in the year of the wood goat. By nature, Capricorns are restrained, they dislike showing excessive emotions for no reason but this mysterious behavior of theirs will only deepen under the influence of the Chinese symbol.

Lonely Capricorns have promising opportunities to find true love, without even expecting it. This of course is a welcome sight for representatives of this sign because they do not like the periods in which they are without a partner. The most suitable period for them to begin looking for a partner is the springtime.

They will only have a few months to forge a stable relationship, since winter will bring some hardships. If Capricorns do not control their jealousy and suspiciousness, the problems will worsen. The wood goat will grant these individuals a carefree relationship, as long as they begin to compromise and listen to their partner.

In those representatives of the sign that are in a relationship, we will see idyll and harmony but only during the first half of the year. This will be a period brimming with romantic days, so enjoy it as much as you can, without looking for something that isn't there.


The second half of the year, and more specifically, the last months of winter, foretell of aggravating relations and an extinguishing of passions for married couples.

This will happen because while focused on their personal tasks, Capricorns will set aside ever less time for their beloved. If they cannot manage to balance work and family, they may even forget an important date, thereby disparaging the dignity of their partner.

The passiveness of Capricorn, their unwillingness to fully dedicate themselves to their emotions, will often be at odds with their partner's wishes and arguments in the family may become ever more common.

A particularly critical time will set in during the month of October, when Capricorns, tired of the constant warnings and ultimatums, will simply leave the homestead for several days to be alone and think about everything.

The wood goat will hint at the common sense of these individuals, telling them that even the smallest gestures and warmth on their part will help smooth things out.