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How Do I Make Him Fall in Love With Me?

How Do I Make Him Fall in Love With Me?

Winning a man's heart is not nearly as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are several tried and tested tactics that could make any guy fall in love with you and how deep and passionate his love will be is up to you.

Before you try the tactics we suggest, you need to make sure that the attraction between you is there. If you don't attract a man in any way, nothing you say or do will reach his heart and that's a battle you need to quit now.

But if you feel that your crush is mutual, you can move on to the second part of the how to make him fall in love with you plan.

The first basic and most important rule is don't chase him. Have you ever heard of the rabbit chasing the hunter? Show him your sympathy and let him make the next move. It is important for a man to feel like a hunter, to be confident and masculine.

Forget about hints, pretense and ambiguous words. Men like women who clearly and precisely state their needs and desires, don't play guessing games and don't pretend. Of course, you should keep a touch of mystery, but it should be quite moderate.

Don't make the mistake, by fearing messing something up, of going along with it or keeping quiet if you don't like something. The way you treat yourself will show him how you expect to be treated and make him not only like you, but also respect you.

Talk less and listen more. It's true that a woman in love doesn't stop talking, but if you want to know if you really have a chance with him, give him the spotlight and listen carefully.

Give him the opportunity to trust you, to share what weighs on him, makes him happy or inspires him. Nothing brings people closer together like shared sincere attention.

Do not spare the superlatives, but not only to his appearance, but to his personality - fortitude, intellect and responsibility.

If, after all your efforts, you are still met with cold rejection, then it is definitely time to back off. Some relationships just aren't meant to be and in most cases that's for the best.



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