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The flowers have magical powers in love spells

The flowers have magical powers in love spells

The rose is the most powerful magic love flower, say experts.

What they advise you, if you do not receive reciprocity from the human subject of your feelings? Then the most successful is the following ritual: On Friday take the white and red rose. Tear a piece of both. On the white petal torn from the white rose write on it the first name of the desired person, the red torn petal should be yours.

The torn pieces are placed next to each other so that the names are close and tied with a red ribbon. Wearing it for five days, then on the sixth you need to burn them on a red candle flame, resulting in the man to be yours forever.

If you have not met you companion in life: pink pieces of paper spread with tea helps to see the companion of your life in his sleep.

However if you have an annoying admirer, carry with you a cluster of dried nettles to get rid of the annoying admirer.

If you decorate with hyacinth, iris, lily, rose or violet at home, rest assured that there will be peace, love and understanding. You should never shorten lily of the valley on the new moon. Its aroma is able to awaken in your home or satellites your thoughts infidelity.

The flowers have magical powers in love spells

Carry a small bag of geranium or pelargonium flowers to attract the attention of your loved ones. White flowered geraniums improve fertility, while red provide reliable protection from evil forces.

Blue Iris, as a farewell gift reduces the pain of separation. You will remember the one who gave it to you if you dry it out and keep it.