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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Pisces


At the beginning of 2015, the wood goat will enshroud Pisces with love, understanding and harmony. Despite this, representatives of this sign need to be cautious and not commit any unnecessary actions, such as flirting, because they won't be at all successful, while also causing only vicious conflicts for those of them in a relationship.

The love horoscope for 2015 knows that Pisces have suffered severely due to their own credulity and susceptibility. Often these individuals had become subservient to their partners and have let themselves to be deceived in relations.

The year of the wood goat will change this position in favor of Pisces to a certain extent, making them more confident in themselves, more demanding and insistent.

If Pisces were suppressed before, now the bold representatives of the sign will transform into master seducers. After all, what goes around comes around!

For single Pisces, the start of the year will bring an interesting date that promises to be loaded with positive emotions. And since the wood goat will enter the role of a protector of this sign, it is entirely up to them whether that date will be nothing but a simple flirt or something serious.


In the spring, those who have not found their partner will be given this opportunity by fate. If they end up in a promising relationship with perspective, Pisces must not allow financial burdens to get in between them and their beloved.

Pisces that are in a relationship will feel the desire to come up with a huge surprise or gift for their partner and thus win their admiration.

Many of Pisces' partners, such as Cancer, Virgo or Sagittarius will simply be won over by these sentimental gestures and forever remain by their side.

Some will even feel the insuperable need to take their relationship to the next level - marriage proposals and weddings in the middle of the year are a very real possibility.

Miniscule issues could appear in the otherwise cloudless daily life in the second half of the year but these won't lead to any serious conflicts or arguments.