Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Libra
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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Libra


The year of the wood goat has definitely tried to keep Libras from being bored when it comes to love in 2015. There will be no lack of mishaps, nor lack of peaceful months filled with romance.

Representatives of Libra who have had a relationship with their partner for more than a year will decide to make their relations official in 2015. The first month of summer is the ideal time for such a joyous occasion.

October and November are also suitable for such an event since they carry a peaceful energy charge. For many Libras, a child will appear in the middle of the year of the Wood Goat, which means that these individuals need to get married and start getting serious.

Libras that have recently gotten into a relationship have the need of an emotional break to gather their thoughts. The spring is a wonderful period for you to rest and clarify your goals. Avoid arguments since they won't bring you anything constructive but will only complicate the situation.

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Fate will also be reacting exceptionally positively for single Libras in the period between June and October. They will be so attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex that flirtations and interesting ways of meeting will be common events in their lives.

For many lonely Libras, they will only display physical interest and will find it fascinating to seduce as many people as possible. In this way, they will raise their self-confidence and opinion of themselves, which will show a positive influence on their overall self.

Libras will see each new partner as nothing but a sex object, they won't be interested at all in the inner self of the person. Therefore, they should not be surprised when they incur the wrath of the wood goat.

Since it is a kindhearted animal that stands up for love and good intentions, it will be disgusted, to say the least, by the deceitful nature of this sign.

Libras have the tendency to bring down the moon and charm their victims with sweet words and promises but only to satisfy their physical needs. Scandals and turmoil are possible at the end of the year due to unrequited love.