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Rituals That Help In Finding Love


There is a huge difference between magic and rituals. A ritual is more of a pagan belief, that has been underpinned only by folk legends and real life events throughout mankind's thousands of years of history. Rituals are less potent than magic. Magic can only be cast by a person, who has the power to do it.

Rituals are readily available, and can be conducted in a home setting. Among the most interesting and sought after rituals are those that can cause the appearance of love and a person by our side, whom to love.

To do this, go to a river and take a walk along it. Find a river stone that you like and take it with you. When you get back home, place it near your personal belongings. This ritual cleanses negative energy and helps in finding the appropriate partner.

A specific ritual, that is easy to do, can cause the object of your love to think about you nonstop. What you must do is welcome the rising sun. Position yourself comfortably and allow the sun's rays to fall upon your face.


Meanwhile, utter the name of your beloved 33 times. The next step is to light a red candle and say the following incantation: "Rays of the sun, reach the soul of...(name here) and make them think of me."

If you wish to bring about the arrival of a marriage partner in the near future, the following spell comes to the rescue. The most important thing is to carry out on a Friday, early in the morning. It is then that you must go out and buy 2 wedding candles.

Hold them in both hands, while imagining that you are in a church, where you are being wed to your beloved. Then, using a red thread or ribbon, tie the candles together in such a way that they create a common flame. Leave them to burn out completely.