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Your Shoes Reveal What you can Expect in Love

Woman with Shoes

Love divination is exceptionally exciting for the female half of humanity. In their efforts to find out whether a relationship will work out or whether they'll meet a new love, women often resort to various rituals for predicting the future, such as divination with coffee, cards or beans.

But all 3 of the listed methods require at least minimal knowledge of how to interpret them, so if you're not familiar with them you may not be able to utilize them.

Luckily, there are much simpler techniques for divination that are just as effective. One of these is love divination with shoes.

To perform it you need to obtain shoes that you've worn of the following colors: white, red, black, pink, blue. It doesn't matter whether they're sandals, ankle boots or other types of shoes. What matters is that the shoe has a dominating color of the ones listed.

After you've obtained shoes in the aforementioned colors, stand in the middle of the room and arrange them all around you, all mixed up. Next, close your eyes, spin around 3 times and without looking reach out and grab 1 of the shoes. Depending on what the dominating color on it is, you can interpret your romantic future (interpretations listed below).


1. Blue shoe

Don't hold your breath. The person you're going crazy for considers you a friend and nothing more.

2. Pink shoe

Romantic moments with a current or future partner await. Luck is on your side!

3. White shoe

A serious relationship is in store for you. Expect an engagement, marriage or cohabitation.

4. Black shoe

A breakup or infidelity lie in store, maybe both. More than likely, someone is going to reject you.

5. Red shoe

You'll be intoxicated by strong passions but it's early to tell whether they'll lead to any serious relations.