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What to Expect in Love Today - October 7


Today you're likely going to learn some surprising facts about the person you have feelings for. This will change your attitude toward them and incite you toward unplanned actions. The period will be wrought with lots of emotions and events, so be sure to stock up on calmness from the very morning and be ready for surprises.

Aries - Today, avoid getting into passionate discussions with your partner and most importantly, clarifying your love relations with them. If you do, there's a chance of having a serious argument. Single Aries will find love in a completely unexpected place. For the first time in a long time, they're going to meet someone who will impress them with their intellect, as well as their physical beauty.

Taurus - Disputes between you and your partner will most likely occur from the very start of the day but it's not worth paying them much heed. In mere hours, you will have both forgotten about the quarrels and will once again soar on the wings of love. Single Taureans, in turn, will gather the courage to apply some recently learned tactics on the love front and their success will surprise even them.

Gemini - Throughout the day, you're going to have to be more lenient toward your partner and not contest their notions. Your beloved has the need of feeling special and you're obliged to give them that opportunity. Single Geminis will place their own barriers in love due to the issues they have not yet worked out.


Cancer - Today, your partner will likely try to manipulate you in order to gain certain benefits. To achieve their subtle plan, they will do the unthinkable, so be on the lookout. Single Cancers will find themselves to be the center of attention today. The situation you're going to end up in will create the preconditions for meeting new people and flirting.

Leo - Don't try to spur your partner on today. If you'd like them to take certain actions faster, try to encourage them but do not make them feel pressured under any circumstances. Single Leos will likely encounter some disappointments on the love front today. You may discover than the object of your affection has feelings toward someone else.

Virgo - If you'd like everything in your relationship to run smoothly today, be ready to act decisively. Your hesitation would make a bad impression in your partner and lead them to false conclusions. Single Virgos need to turn their attention to a person from their surroundings who has proven their serious intentions long ago. They'll definitely have something with which to impress you.

Libra - Set aside more time for conversation with your partner today. You have to work not only on your sexual relationship but also on your spiritual closeness. Single Libras, who are persistently trying to attract someone's attention, will finally achieve success today. Now you have to plan your next move very carefully and decide how far you want to go with your relationship with that person.

Scorpio - The sacrifices you make for your partner today will probably not be appreciated the way you'd like. So ask yourself whether it's even worth putting yourself through all that. Single Scorpios who have a romantic date planned today should rely more on their charming smile, rather than a provocative image. A provocative glow will definitely not be to your advantage.


Sagittarius - Non-single Sagittarii need urgent changes. If you'd like your partner to have a different attitude toward you, first change your own toward them. Single Sagittarii who feel unsatisfied from their personal life should stop feeling sorry for themselves and take their happiness into their own hands. Today is the perfect moment to achieve what you've been dreaming of.

Capricorn - Those born under this sign shouldn't make too grand of romantic plans today. There's a chance for something going wrong at any moment or for it not turning out the way you had planned. To avoid being left embittered and disappointed, it's best to lower your expectations for today.

Aquarius - Be especially careful when making important decisions related to your relationship today. If possible, try to coordinate every single step with your partner, so that you're sure you don't make a mistake somewhere. Single Aquarians can expect a joyous and nice day. They'll enjoy others' attention, without having to burden themselves with more serious relations.

Pisces - If lately you've been leaving your relations with your partner to work themselves out, we advise finally taking control over them. Otherwise, your relationship is at risk of falling apart. Single Pisces need to find solitude today and evaluate their feelings. If you cannot, resist plunging into new love adventures at least for a little while longer.



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