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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Aquarius


The wood goat has prepared a harmonious and solid love life for representatives of Aquarius. They will feel as though part of a romantic fairy tale. The light and spontaneous attitude toward life's troubles will warm the soul of Aquarius in the first half of 2015.

Even though you may feel that this idyll will continue forever, be ready for some hardships, even if they are insignificant. The reason behind most of the arguments will turn out to be your desire to play the leading role in love relations. You must learn to respect your partner more, to hear them out without trying to impose your own point of view.

Single Aquarians will become absorbed in the role of an insidious seducer, which is uncharacteristic of them, with many fun dates and temptations. They will have a strong urge to travel from the very beginning of the year, giving them the opportunity to diversify their love life, which will in turn raise their self-confidence.

Often, due to this very high opinion of themselves, young Aquarians will strive to conquer as many representatives of the opposite sex as they can. Even though they have no intention of emotionally connecting with their brief love affairs, Aquarians need to be careful because among them they may find the love they've long been wishing for.


If this happens, they must not try to express their emotions too passionately, for they risk frightening away the object of their affection with their perseverance.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius who are in a relationship can expect a fully active and sensual year ahead of them. The freedom-loving members of this zodiac sign which have allowed themselves plenty of liberties will become even more adventurous.

To keep their family together they will have to prove to their partner that they want only them. Of course, they too will have to change.

If they can handle this undertaking, Aquarians will have 1 of 3 things emerge as their next main concern: caring for their kids, home renovation, or casual sexual adventures.