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See What the Stars Portend in Love for February 14


St. Valentine's is going to be a harmonious and effective day. The only period during which you have to be on your guard is between 11 am - 3 pm. That is when the opposition between Venus and the Moon manifests strongest, bringing unduly tension and many experiences. But overall, the day will be a wonderful one.

Starting today, the Moon will be in Libra. This sign's ruling planet is Venus. On top of the fact that it's Tuesday, a day ruled by Mars, the situation grows more complex.

Mars and Venus are very close to one another and are in Aries, the most passionate and dynamic sign. All of this is particularly suitable on the holiday of love.

Emotions are going to be in abundance today. You're the one who is going to steer them. Today, as well as during the rest of the month, new relations are going to form.

This is the result of the fiery and passionate closeness between Mars and Venus. The planets are the symbol of the male and female beginning, emotionality, love and passionate relations.


Relations in the home and with loved ones are favorable. Use the positive energy for constructing joint plans. Make decisions regarding joint tasks. You're going to reap benefits from communication with older partners. Seemingly ordinary relations may all of a sudden become close and even intimate.


Your relations with the opposite sex are especially intensified. If you're not single, don't go out too much because you may end up cheating. Devote yourself to your partner and the holiday of love. This will enable you to feel a surge of emotional energy, thanks to which you'll sense warmth and coziness. Don't exaggerate your feelings and emotions.


You don't have a lot of free time and this is bugging you. The time you do manage to find you'll devote to your partner. You have a tendency to make surprises and give gifts. You won't be left without a present either. But it is going to be served in a different form.


On the day of love, devote yourself to a family dinner. Light some candles, buy a nice wine and dedicate yourself entirely to your partner. If you're not much into romantic gestures, then at least go out and have fun together. Singles are going to meet the love of their life and need to be careful not to let them pass by.


This definitely wasn't the kind of St. Valentine's Day you had in mind. In fact, you're going to wish it wasn't February 14 at all. You're going to have a furious argument with your partner, which may even lead to the end of your relationship. Think well about the kind of fault you have that has led to all this. Perhaps you simply haven't met your partner's expectations for the holiday.


The start of your day is going to be far from a fairy tale one because your partner is going to act more distant than usual, making you feel very confused. You mustn't allow this to affect your overall holiday mood because a romantic proposal awaits you tonight, and not necessarily from your partner either. Perhaps it's time you considered something new?


The position of the stars is helping you improve relations at home and with your loved ones. Make a plan for your future, then enjoy a mellow rest of the day. You're going to delight in the company of your partner to the fullest, without even doing anything that special. There's few couples out there that can boast of this kind of relationship.


You have a difficult day ahead but then again, every day where you have to express your feelings is a difficult one. A quarrel is going to erupt in your family, and with your partner, one that will quickly evolve into a scandal. The stars advise you to resolve the problem today. This will bring thrice the amount of tranquility.


Unfortunately, St. Valentine is going to bring you disappointments both in the family and in your personal life. Your routine is suffocating you, you have need of solitude. The constant reminder of the holiday is going to further weigh down on you. But in some cases, something new may appear on the horizon that will reignite your desire for adventure.


Everything around you is calm. Friendly toward everyone, your loved ones are especially sympathetic toward you. The day is excellent for a family dinner, meeting with old friends, romantic dates and successful intimate relationships. The stars bring you happiness, satisfaction and gifts.


Devote your entire day to your partner. Today you're going to create memories that you're going to one day tell your grandchildren. Overflowing with happiness, you want the whole world to know how you feel. Bet on small gestures and don't make big promises.


It would be best for you if you organized a family dinner today. Give it your all in terms of harmonizing relations. Maintain your decency and don't overdo it with the drinks today because you risk disappointing many.