Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Sagittarius
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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Sagittarius


The love life of Sagittarius in the year of the wood goat will be loaded with all kinds of events. It is incredibly difficult to narrow down any specific actions, since all Sagittarii should do what they feel is right in the name of love and happiness.

Generally speaking, representatives of this zodiac sign will be influenced by their current mood and emotional state, making 2015 quite unpredictable as a whole.

Lonely Sagittarii will thirst for new fiery relations even if they see that they will hold no perspective and be short-lived.

Those of them who have recently broken up with someone are simply seeking the thrill and want to feel alive once again. If they decide to go on a vacation with friends, it is quite likely that they will get mixed up in a love affair.

Even though the spring promises to bring butterflies in your stomach, potential real relationships may only occur during the fall and beginning of winter. That is when the wood goat will help you realize that you've met an exceptionally suitable person.


The bad news is that married Sagittarii will also feel a great impulse to prove themselves on the love font. If they allow passion to overtake their mind, this may end up playing a bad joke on them.

Feeling like they are on cloud 9 with ecstasy and happiness, they may rush in their judgment and ask for divorce from their lawful partner. This is not advised because within just a few months they will realize that they've made a huge mistake, irreparable for most of them.

For Sagittarii that do not succumb to sexual temptations, the wood goat will be extremely favorable.

It will reward them kindly by helping them smooth out all of the little discrepancies in the family. The Chinese sign for 2015 will bring them loads of romantic moments in the summer months.

During that period, Sagittarii's partners will find themselves impressed by the sensual treatment that they're getting and they may feel so positively certain in their relationship that they would ask for more serious steps to be taken.