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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Scorpio


In the beginning of 2015, Scorpio won't be happy. The arguments, misunderstandings, pointless disputes will slowly and surely distance you emotionally from your partner. You yourself may be the reason for these hardships because it's important for you to be a leader, even in intimate relationships.

The wood goat will remind you that you shouldn't impose your views on your partner but rather find a compromise because that is the only way to maintain peace in a relationship.

Representatives of this sign that are in a relationship will need to make fateful decisions in February, August and November. Female Scorpios may receive a marriage proposal during those months. Male Scorpios, on the other hand, will pick their partner by meeting a new love or shaping existing relations into a lawful marriage.

Scorpios of both sexes will need to add initiative, turn their backs on needless doubts and concerns that don't give them peace and be consistent in their love life. If they manage to do these things, the wood goat will grant them bright, abundant and diverse experiences.

The summer months in general will bring you tranquility and coziness. All of the problems that have tried to destroy your union will seem absurd.


But despite this, you will grow extremely uneasy during October because the serene atmosphere will unnerve you to no end. That means it's time to look for passion and emotional experiences.

Single Scorpios won't be interested in finding a lifelong partner. On the love front, the wood goat predicts a period in which Scorpios won't be bored in their loneliness.

You're satisfied with your family status and your work will come to the forefront. The same can't be said for the end of the summer. As if recharged and rested, you are ready for new feats.

That period will allow you to leave the dark kingdom that you inhabit and seek to meet new people and flirt. You will renew old friendships and your social contacts will grow significantly. Be active, don't hide in your shell, for you are meant to be the life of the party.