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Dreams of FoodDreams of Food
23 Sept.
If you see melted butter or margarine in a dream, this is a warning that it will be difficult for you to transform your dreams into reality because you are simply lacking the perseverance for it....
Fountain of dreamsFountain of dreams
19 Dec.
In the dream we go there and we can communicate through our dreams with the rest of the universe. Our energies and our inspiration comes from this particular source....
Dreams of Being PregnantDreams of Being Pregnant
18 Sept.
If a man dreams that his wife is pregnant, this is a sign that she will soon cheat on him. If you dream that a friend of yours is pregnant, this foreshadows great fortune....
Dreams of Natural PhenomenaDreams of Natural Phenomena
12 Aug.
If you dream of wind, try to remember if it was wayside....
Dreams of Angels and VampiresDreams of Angels and Vampires
21 June
If you dream of a dwarf, this portends of a significant material addition to your budget. If you dream of a hunchbacked little ghost, it is a very wonderful dream....
Dreams of Cliffs and FloodsDreams of Cliffs and Floods
19 June
If you witness a flood in a dream, this signifies that your life will take a turn for the better and you will see a certain progress. Plenty of successes await you....
Dreams of Fish and CrabsDreams of Fish and Crabs
16 May
This dream is a warning not to take the blame for someone else. If you see crabs in your dream, an incredible celebration awaits you....
Dreams of Mirrors and PicturesDreams of Mirrors and Pictures
23 Oct.
If you see a book in your dream this is a sign that you may find out something new about a topic you're interested in. Try to remember what you've read on the book's cover in your dream....
Meaning of Dreams with BabiesMeaning of Dreams with Babies
29 June
Seeing a baby in a dream essentially speaks of innocence and a new beginning. But to be interpreted correctly, the situation in which you dream of the baby is also of significance....
Dreams of Violence Against RelativesDreams of Violence Against Relatives
01 June
If you're having dreams of relatives being the victims of violence, this means your life will change fundamentally. It all depends on what exactly occurs in your dream....
Meaning of Butterflies in DreamsMeaning of Butterflies in Dreams
29 Oct.
If you dream that you are trying to capture a butterfly that's flying, expect serious problems in your family. If you kill a butterfly in a dream, this indicates problems related to work to come....
Dreams of Relatives and FriendsDreams of Relatives and Friends
03 Aug.
If you dream of the faces of people you know, this means that at the moment you have a tendency to act as they would. It all depends on who exactly you dream of....
The Mysterious World of DreamsThe Mysterious World of Dreams
31 May
On the other hand, dreams are necessary for mental and psychological balance of mankind....
Interpretation of Dreams in ChristianityInterpretation of Dreams in Christianity
26 July
So now lets discuss the second type of dream - Warning dreams: this is a dream that warns the dreamers, as christianity interprets it....
Everyone dreams, but most of your dreams are forgottenEveryone dreams, but most of your dreams are forgotten
31 Mar.
Everyone dreams but men and women have different dreams and different physical reactions. Men dream more often of women, while women dream both of men and women....
The Effects of Aromas on DreamsThe Effects of Aromas on Dreams
19 May
After, the volunteers were questioned about their dreams and how they felt after smelling the aroma. It turned out that the emotional moment in the dreams changed depending on the type of stimulation....
See Which Dreams Foretell of DeathSee Which Dreams Foretell of Death
03 Nov.
In the East however, dreams were seen as a divine force and a cult for the god of dreams was formed....
Dreams of Hell and the AbyssDreams of Hell and the Abyss
31 Oct.
All of these things can appear in our dreams and cause us serious worries about what they mean. Don't worry though, if you dream of Hell, this means you can expect successes and a peaceful life ahead....
What Dreams of Cheating Actually MeanWhat Dreams of Cheating Actually Mean
04 Sept.
Studies indicate that 8% of dreams are erotic in nature, while about 60% of the people who dream of adventures under the bed sheets admit to have cheated on their partner in a dream....
Understanding the Meaning of our DreamsUnderstanding the Meaning of our Dreams
26 July
For suggestion, the symbolization of love, balance and a cheerful perspective on life is the singing of birds or birds gracefully flying....
Birds can predict the weatherBirds can predict the weather
18 Dec.
When in spring one does not hear birds, expect a coming storm. Swallows fly by you - big rain. Hot summer portends a cold winter....
What Dreams of Various Sea Creatures PortendWhat Dreams of Various Sea Creatures Portend
07 Mar.
You don't have to be a fisherman to dream of fish or other sea inhabitants. Sooner or later, everyone dreams of them and may wonder what their dreams mean....
The Love Symbolism of Colors in DreamsThe Love Symbolism of Colors in Dreams
22 Nov.
Dreams with colors are seen less frequently in people. But just like black and white dreams, they harbor a certain symbolism related to love....
The importance of stones in our dreamsThe importance of stones in our dreams
14 Jan.
He, of course, dreams of ideal love. Because of his internal weakness, however, it is impossible. His anima is still amorphous, uncertain, and weak. Based on this data the dream becomes clear to everyone....
What Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices PortendWhat Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices Portend
14 Dec.
If you're buying parsley in a dream you'll realize your dreams and if picking it - that you'll be healthy. If washing parsley in your dream, expect a happy family life....