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Interpretation of Dreams in Christianity

Interpretation of Dreams in Christianity

Dreams in their own right are commonly known as the reflections of our lives, whether it be postive or negative, stressful or even stress free, happy, sad, worried, anxious and so on. So to some they are the manifestations of the minds process of working our emotions. However what does the bible say about our dreams? Is it that of satan sending us intimidating messages through our dreams and that of the angels sending us our happy dreams? There is little evidence in the bible to prove this. As the bible teaches us to trust in god, submit yourself to Him and rest assured that he will solves all our problems that life has to test us with. Lets have a look at dream interpretation from the chritianity religion point of view!

Biblical Interpretation of Dreams

Many civilizations around the world over centuries have taken their dream interpretations and used it to control the functioning of the community. Interpretation of dreams became a wide part of various religions including christianity. In history it was the priest of high order who had the responsibility of interpretating dreams. However again there is no evidence to prove whether realistic and true interpretation was given to the dreams. Going back to The Old Testament the bible teaches us that God would communicate through dreams and visions. (12.6);"And He said, "Hear now my words; If there be a prophet amoung you, I the Lord wil make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream".

Prophetic dreams and warning dreams are believed to be the main two types of dreams; as with other religions of the world christianity allows room for the precise imprtance to biblical dreams, these two points are of that of importance.

Prophetic Dreams - these type of dreams need interpretating in order to recieve the true depth of the meaning. It is said that this type of dream is given to us by God and that they are concerned with direct relevance to the dreamer. The bible calls this type of dream "dark sayings" (Genesis 40:8), Referring again back to The Old Testament, "My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in all mine house. With him I will speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches".

Most evident in the bible on the topic of dreams is that God helps people to interpret their dreams. Christians around the world would agree with this. King Nebuchadnezzar, forget his dream concerning about his future, only God himself can reveal the dream and does so through that of one of the wise men - Daniel.

So now lets discuss the second type of dream - Warning dreams: this is a dream that warns the dreamers, as christianity interprets it. It is also believed it is God and is trying to tell the dreamer what will happen in the near future. An example of this shows: "Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and go into the land of Israel: for they are dead which sought the young child's life". said by Joseph the father of Jesus Christ. They believed in this dream it was the appearance of, the Angel of the Lord.

Basically the religion christianity interprets dreams concerning the will of God as the type two dream - the Warning dreams.

Religious interpretation of dreams leaves room for symbolic interpretation, this is basically an image or icon that have sacred significance. These are the dreams that are known as dream symbols. This belief literally goes back to pre-historic times. It began as the majority of people could not read or write. They compensated this by using symbols and pictures to communicate the meaning. Each and every individual symbol has earnt its right to have its own interpretation and relevance in the christianity religion, some examples are as follows; "Angel", "Ant", "Halo", and so on.



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Agatha Joseph
Agatha Joseph
07.03.2013 11:17
I dreamt of being given plenty kola unt and bitter kola unts, please can you what that mean?
Thank you
obiageli obide
obiageli obide
22.01.2013 21:37
i dream am hearing voices of one my boy friend with his friend going to hotel, i try to see him bt i couldnt,later i now see the other one beside me,talking care of please, can interpret this dream to me
03.11.2012 16:26
you tube has very good information on christian dream interpretation, specifically John Paul Jackson has very good info. start there and see where the Lord leads you!!!!
mary mc call
mary mc call
19.09.2012 21:24
i dream that we and my husband was walking an talking sometime laughing this man was walking with ous did not know him we walk in a open place it was some furniture out there a dresser and 2end tables my husband said that he was going to tell his sister about the stuff inside the draw look like old wood a small dresser draw we laugh and went on we came to this big bed the man the was walking with ous jump on the bed laid ther arms and legs spread out it was a brorn and whith throw on in he got down the end