Dreams of Cliffs and Floods

Jana G.Jana G.

If you dream of falling off a cliff, this means that you will face a serious danger and experience a great sense of fear. If you manage to hold on to the edge of the cliff, a horrible misfortune will pass you by.

If you dream of a field or some other wide open area, this is a sign that you're open toward the people around you. You can never be a hypocrite, even though this isn't always to your advantage.

If there are dark clouds over the field, this means that your sincerity and friendship will play a bad joke on you and you will become a victim of someone close to you.

If you witness a flood in a dream, this signifies that your life will take a turn for the better and you will see a certain progress. Plenty of successes await you.


If the flooding is fearsome and the water flows tremendously fast, inciting fear in you, this indicates that you will have a hard time adapting to the upcoming changes.

Do not waste your time thinking, take this opportunity and you will succeed. Otherwise, you might miss your chance, that you won't have again.

If you dream of a hurricane and large streams of water, this bespeaks of serious changes in your life to come. However, you are not yet ready for them and will have a hard time accepting them.

If you are in a cave in your dream, this shows that you have need of the warmth of people close to you but do not have the opportunity to receive it, at least not in the near future.

A tornado in a dream symbolizes something new that will enter into your life and completely turn it upside down. Someone or something will have a radical influence on your life. Be wary.