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Dreams of Angels and Vampires

Jana G.Jana G.

If in your dream an angel appears, this is a sign that soon you will fall in love. Even if you don't know that you've already fallen prey to your feelings toward someone, this dream is a harbinger of a real storm of emotions.

An angel with large outspread wings is a sign of upcoming good news. Oftentimes, an angel appears in a dream to help you resolve some type of serious problem.

If you witness god or a deity in your dream, this signifies that you mustn't be disappointed in a new friend of yours. Wait a little while and you'll find that aside from their flaws, they have positive qualities as well.


If you dream of a vampire, it means that a person who highly traumatizes your mentality has arrived in your clique.

If you witness a giant in a dream, this symbolizes that lately you've often been having worries and putting up with people insulting you unduly. This indicates that you have need of someone's protection.

If you dream of a dwarf, this portends of a significant material addition to your budget.

If you dream of a hunchbacked little ghost, it is a very wonderful dream. It is a sign that you'll have success in every undertaking you take up.


If you dream of a ghost at home and you ask it a question, its answer is the meaning of the dream. If it has told you something positive, everything will be all right. Once you wake up, place a small plate with a few teaspoons of honey on the floor of your room, so that the dream comes true.

If you dream of a centaur, you will end up in a situation in which you will be powerless to express your fury. It is possible for you to have problems with your boss.

If you dream of a midget, you have issues which are tormenting you. Try to overcome the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety, since your fears are unfounded.

A minotaur in a dream means that soon you'll have a serious confrontation with a man in your family. If you dream of a werewolf, a friend will betray you.