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Dreams of Relatives and Friends

Jana G.Jana G.

In the world of dreams, we encounter many people, sometimes even our relatives. To find out why you dreamt of a specific person, think about what exactly connects you with them and what has occurred in their life recently.

Our psyche does not coincidentally choose certain images from our subconscious. If you're starting a new project or have been appointed to a new job and you dream of a friend of yours, the project will be successful.

But if you dream of a beggar, don't expect anything good to happen. This is a warning that you still have time to fix things before you fail completely.

If you dream of the faces of people you know, this means that at the moment you have a tendency to act as they would. It all depends on who exactly you dream of.

Grandmother and granddaughter

If you dream of your parents, this speaks of contradictions that are arising in your inner world. Recurring dreams, in which parents are present, symbolize your psychological dependency on them.

To dream of your grandmother or grandfather means wisdom; they are appearing in your dream to remind you that you need to have a wiser approach to the world around you and not pay heed to the insignificant things.

To dream of brothers and sisters signifies that you have a great need of people who love you.

If you dream of a teacher, this is a sign that at the moment you have need of advice and support.

Complete strangers show up in dreams in those periods when you need to come to terms with the new boundaries of your own personality.

If a man dreams that he is falling in love with an unfamiliar woman, this is a sign that he is becoming kinder and more compliant.

If a woman dreams that she is captivated by an unfamiliar man, this is a sign that her aggression is developing further.