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Dreams of Violence Against Relatives

Jana G.Jana G.

If you're having dreams of relatives being the victims of violence, this means your life will change fundamentally. It all depends on what exactly occurs in your dream.

If you dream that strangers are beating up a relative of yours, this means that you will soon get a raise or receive money out of the blue from an unexpected inheritance.

If a friend or someone you know is beating up a person that is your relative, this dream predicts that your relations with people close to you will soon worsen and it will be very difficult and even impossible for you to once again be as close as you were before.

If in your dream you're beating up a relative, this is an indication that you will move - either to another city or even to another country. This move will be work-related.


If the victims in your dream are your brothers or sisters, the dream portends that soon you'll have to rely on their aid, because hard financial times are coming on the horizon for you.

If the victims of violence are your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather, this means that in the near future one of them will radically change their attitude toward you, regardless of the new direction taken.

If in a dream you witness someone causing physical harm to a relative that you haven't seen in a long time, this is a sign that you need to visit them as soon as possible. Even if you don't believe it, you'll have work to do with this very person, even though you haven't seen each other in years possibly.

If a cousin becomes the violence victim in your dream, this is a harbinger of faraway travels for you and meetings with strangers that will change your life.

If you dream of someone beating up your aunt or uncle, this is an indication that you will have to live with some of your more distant relatives for a few months.

If in a dream you see your relatives being beaten but somehow manage to thwart the attacker by themselves, this means that very soon you can expect a promotion at work or new serious tasks to take on that will bring you solid financial revenue.