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Meaning of Butterflies in Dreams

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If in your dream you see a butterfly that has landed on a beautiful flower or a blade of grass, this means that someone is spreading false rumors about you, to slander your name. It is highly likely that this person is someone from your inner circle and wants to undermine your business.

A fluttering butterfly in a dream means wonderful news from close friends who have left the country long ago. It is also a symbol of a happy love to come, which may even lead to marriage.

If you witness a white butterfly in your dream, you will have health problems. If a white butterfly enters a building, this portends of your wishes coming true.

If you capture a large, colorful butterfly in your dream, this indicates that someone close to you will reveal secrets you've entrusted them with to the inappropriate types of people.

If in your dream you get dust from the butterfly's wings on your fingers, but it flies away after you had caught it, you will find happiness in love. If you dream that you are trying to capture a butterfly that's flying, expect serious problems in your family.


If you kill a butterfly in a dream, this indicates problems related to work to come. If you rip off the wing of a butterfly in a dream, this means that your partner intends to cheat on you.

To capture a butterfly portends of upcoming love adventures. If a very beautiful butterfly lands on one of the fingers on your hand, this signifies a pleasant meeting.

If you see many flying butterflies in your dream, you will reconnect with friends of yours that you've long ago broken off contact with. A butterfly flying near flames is a harbinger of danger.

A black butterfly is a prediction of troubles related to jealousy, while a colorful butterfly is a sign of many wonderful moments with a new love.

If you see a field with many butterflies that have landed on flowers in a dream, this foreshadows a serious promotion at work.