Dreams of Fish and Crabs

Jana G.Jana G.

If in a dream you witness dead fish in an aquarium, this is a sign that you must think about whether everything that you are doing has the ability to provide you with enough material comfort.

An aquarium filled with fish that breaks in your dream and the water pours out means material success, inheritance or making a serious deal in short order.

If you see an empty aquarium in your dream, this signifies that there is a serious meeting with friends to come, where you will meet a person important to you. If you are observing the fish in the aquarium, your beloved will pleasantly surprise you.

If you catch a carp in your dream, this means that your hopes and dreams will not come true any time soon. An argument with someone close to you is possible. To clean a carp means that ill-wishers are all around you.


To cook carp soup means that difficulties await you soon, related to your home. If you dream that you are choking on carp bones, you will make a huge mistake in your work.

If you are pulling in a net full of fish, this signifies receiving a significant sum of money soon. But if the net is empty, soon you will be hard-pressed by serious material issues.

To witness a ripped net suggests that pleasant changes await you in due time. If you haul in a net full of dead fish, unpleasantries at work are to come. This dream is a warning not to take the blame for someone else.

If you see crabs in your dream, an incredible celebration awaits you. If you are catching crabs in a river, you can count on the help of friends even in the most difficult of times.

If you see crabs crawling in every direction, this implies that soon you will turn down a very good deal, which you will regret for a long time.

If you dream of boiled crabs, your undertaking will not end well. If you are eating crabs in a dream, this means that you are succumbing to the influence of unreliable people.