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Birds can predict the weather

Birds can predict the weather

Looking at nature to see what the weather will be. Winter, which is dry, means hot summer, with dry spells. Winter snow, rainy summer spells. A warm winter promises a cool summer.

The pale moon is a harbinger of heavy snowfall, and bright white moon - cold. Clouds moving against the wind, suggests that it will soon snow.

If you heard the wind echoing in the winter, the cold weather will be terrible. If you hear thunder in winter- cold, if you see lightning - snowstorm coming.

Birds can predict the weather

Looking at the birds - if they are perched in the treetops, warming is expected. Crows that caw, perched on tree branches, herald a blizzard.

If the spring is cold, in summer there will be numerous hail storms. If the spring snow melts very quickly, expect a rainy summer.

Early arrival of spring weather spells bad summer weather. When in the spring early morning mist rises, forming clouds will rain.

If the clouds move very fast in the sky and are very high, the weather will be fine. When in spring one does not hear birds, expect a coming storm. Swallows fly by you - big rain.

Hot summer portends a cold winter. If there is a lot of blueberries and blackberries in the woods, it also portends a cold winter. In summer, expect sunny weather, if the previous evening at sunset the sky was light blue, gold or pink.

Say something and listen to your voice - if it sounds very crisp and clear, weather the next day would be nice. If the arc is to the west, expect rain.

Cuckoo hooks a lot - it means that the weather will be nice. If roosters sing in daytime and little birds go to bed in their nests, expect heavy rain.

In the fall, watch the first snow - if it falls on dry land, the summer will be hot. If it falls too early - spring will come earlier than usual.

If the tree leaves begin to fall late, winter will be long and very cold. If the leaves have yellowed, but not in a hurry to fall, cold weather will come soon.