Dreams of Natural Phenomena

Jana G.Jana G.

If you dream of a breeze - pleasant, even though insignificant, events will take place in your life soon. A storm in a dream is a sign of changes in your fate, which will entirely change your life.

If you dream of wind, try to remember if it was wayside. If so, luck will be with you from time to time, but if it's blowing in your face or making movement difficult for you, hostile forces will get in the way of achieving your goals.

If you dream of waves, this is a sign that you're worried about the fact that events disturbing to you have occurred lately in your life. If the waves are incredibly large, expect troubles.

If you dream of ice, this means that you don't feel confident enough in your abilities and are afraid of taking any kind of risk. Your doubts are unfounded.

If you are sprayed by rain in a dream, this is a sign that fate will be on your side. Try to recall what type of feeling the raindrops that fell on you caused. If it was pleasant, things will go smoothly for you for a long time.


If you dream of a volcano eruption, this signifies that soon, evil forces will awaken within you. You'll become way too irritable, so try to continue your fury.

If you witness frost in your dream, this means that your life will be deprived of strong emotions, while strong alienation awaits you in friendship and love.

Sundown symbolizes the end of a particular period in your life. This is the time to put an end to some kind of deal or love connection. The time is not appropriate for starting a new business or love.

Sunrise is a symbol of a new beginning, this is an omen that you may begin developing in a new direction.

If you dream of a dried field or cracked earth, this symbolizes your desire for warm feelings. The love and attention of those close to you is not enough.

If you dream of a rainbow, it's a good sign. A rainbow portends successes in all undertakings, and if you dream of a double rainbow, this is a sign that a great wish of yours will soon come true.