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What Dreams of Cheating Actually Mean

Antonia R.Antonia R.

If you dream that you're cheating on your partner or that you're falling under the spell of a charmer or temptress, do not fear for the future of your serious relationship because these types of dreams reveal something else entirely.

According to family psychotherapist Dr. Karin Andersson, dreams with infidelity are a sign of accumulated emotional tension. Through this type of dream, the brain tries to relieve itself and let go of the stress.

Cheating in a dream could also be a way of bringing us back to pleasant moments in the past, stimulating us to experience positive emotions. With these images, the brain tries to bring us pleasure and distract us from our worries.

Studies indicate that 8% of dreams are erotic in nature, while about 60% of the people who dream of adventures under the bed sheets admit to have cheated on their partner in a dream.

Stressed at Work

Sexual encounters with an ex, coworker or mysterious stranger are a sign that the stress at the workplace or in your relationship is becoming more than you can handle and that you need something that will provide you great pleasure.

Lustful dreams don't mean that you're considering such an act in real life, only that something in your daily life is leaving you dissatisfied and that you yearn to escape reality.

Most often, it is women who dream of cheating, with this type of dream providing them a sign that they must show more firmness and defend their positions. They must be bolder and voice their personal opinion out loud.

An orgasm, on the other hand, is an indication that the dreamer wants to finish resolving a given problem. The person could have begun an arduous project or finally be finishing their education, which had demanded serious efforts.