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How is Gold Found?How is Gold Found?
28 Jan.
There are still many people that earn their living by digging for gold. Those who are good at it make substantial amounts of money but gold diggers also jealously guard their secrets. We'll reveal some of them below...
Three Common Mistakes That Get in the Way of Quality SleepThree Common Mistakes That Get in the Way of Quality Sleep
11 Nov.
go to bed at the same time every night and read a book right before you fall asleep, there are several habits which can get in the way of a good night's sleep. Don't check your phone if you wake up It's actually...
Pick a Frog and Find out the Quickest Way to Get RichPick a Frog and Find out the Quickest Way to Get Rich
02 Nov.
can open your own restaurant, coffee or flower shop and you'll get rich very quickly. Other suitable professions for you are chef, gardener and florist. 6. You're a person on the move and your mission is to...
How to Interpret your Worst NightmaresHow to Interpret your Worst Nightmares
25 May
refused to share the truth about whatever may have happened, to reveal your feelings and thoughts on it. 3. Murder If you dream that you're murdering someone in a dream, then it's likely there's something amiss in...
How to identify a modern witchHow to identify a modern witch
21 Aug.
urban witch is a woman who has special features – they foresee events and sometimes affect developments. Such women are frightened by their thoughts, because they are often true. Modern witches are smart, very...
How Karma affects finding our true loveHow Karma affects finding our true love
06 Aug.
make you feel lonely and always unsatisfied. According to some beliefs, bad karma is the reason you can not get to your spouse in this life. To clear the bad karma, meditation and tarot cards will help and can lead...
How to Recognize a Prophetic DreamHow to Recognize a Prophetic Dream
23 Sept.
will happen and we cannot avoid, but we can do something to at least be able to reduce their negative effects. Sometimes, such a dream could even save your life. In such cases, it will be very bright and straightforward...
How to Protect Ourselves from Energy VampiresHow to Protect Ourselves from Energy Vampires
01 Nov.
foods. food and good sleep at least 8 hours. Energy vampires are always looking for new victims, in most cases they do so without having to acknowledge you. You should know how to find such people and avoid contact...
How Buddhist believers turn to lightHow Buddhist believers turn to light
13 Feb.
Strong believers, Buddhist monks who practiced meditation for many years, may end thier life in an unusual way and a triumphal way too. When dying they endow the body with the ability to be absorbed back into the light...
How to protect yourself from manipulationHow to protect yourself from manipulation
01 Feb.
When you find that another person is trying to manipulate and take advantage of you, take action to protect yourself. If you do not want to directly attack them, it will help to protect yourself from passive methods of...
How your apartment number influences your destinyHow your apartment number influences your destiny
09 Jan.
happy. Most important is the number of apartments! If the number of your home consists of several figures, just collect them until you get one. If the apartment is number 1, it is under the influence of the Sun. This...
How to Overcome our Own EgoHow to Overcome our Own Ego
18 Dec.
school we're not taught how to identify and overcome it. We learn that from life. But the right moment is key because if a person realizes too late that their actions are determined by their ego, it may be too difficult...
How Did Ancient Peoples Perceive Dreams?How Did Ancient Peoples Perceive Dreams?
14 Dec.
interpret dreams. But even today this inexplicable part of our lives remains a mystery. Let's familiarize ourselves with how the ancient peoples saw the process of dreaming and sleep. Accounts regarding the...
How Do We Increase Our Self-Confidence?How Do We Increase Our Self-Confidence?
23 Apr.
advice you would give someone, who is in the same position as you at the moment. Every time you have a negative thought related to your abilities, try to block it and think of something positive. It is important to have a...
How to Recognize the 4 Main TemperamentsHow to Recognize the 4 Main Temperaments
04 Aug.
person is one of action. Choleric people are highly motivated and hard-working, who manage to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. They are dynamic, decisive and born leaders, who you can always count on...

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