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How to Summon a GhostHow to Summon a Ghost
10 July
Many people are tempted to summon a ghost in order to find out something about the future. But this is very dangerous, so, before you make the decision to call upon ghosts, think well on whether you really need to disturb...
How to Wake Up EffectivelyHow to Wake Up Effectively
10 June
The Earth's surface has a negative charge and the feet become negatively charged, while the head, due to breathing positively charged air, becomes positively charged....
How Coal Turns to DiamondsHow Coal Turns to Diamonds
08 May
Even though it is possible, it must be noted that it is not an easy process. It takes mother nature millions of years to create 1 diamond, and 1 karat requires about 100 tons of mud....
How to Control Our DreamsHow to Control Our Dreams
15 Apr.
When we dream we travel to a much different world. At first glance, our dreams seem completely real. We might dream that we are falling, that we are being chased or even experience erotic adventures. And these dreams...
How to Read Natal ChartsHow to Read Natal Charts
18 Feb.
Most of us who are interested in astrology or simply want to learn more about ourselves have had their own personal horoscopes made for them, or said more plainly - a natal or birth chart. If you know the exact hour, date...
How to banish a ghostHow to banish a ghost
26 Mar.
If you feel the presence of an evil spirit near you and your family, what you have to do is, try to chase it out. Here are some things that you can use in this fight. One of the things which are appropriate, is to use...
How to deal with insomniaHow to deal with insomnia
19 Sept.
At least once in a lifetime one encounters insomnia. After tossing and turning all night and finding no sleep until morning, when it's time to get up, you stretch your arms to sleeping pills. Many people solve their problems...
How to remember your dreams?How to remember your dreams?
31 May
The first step towards understanding and use of dreams is to develop a very good skill, for them to be memorable. Dreams are useless if you simply forget them. Each REM phase contains at least one dream, so you should remember...
How is Gold Found?How is Gold Found?
28 Jan.
There are still many people that earn their living by digging for gold. Those who are good at it make substantial amounts of money but gold diggers also jealously guard their secrets. We'll reveal some of them below. Gold...
How Did Hitler Die?How Did Hitler Die?
20 Oct.
On April 30, 1945, newlyweds Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun put an end to their lives by committing suicide. Their bodies were discovered in a bunker just 24 hours after they had officially married. The act of suicide brought...
How to Overcome our Own EgoHow to Overcome our Own Ego
18 Dec.
The ego is blamed for everything - from relationship breakups to the start of wars! Oftentimes, people don't even realize that they are led by it and that it's responsible to a great degree for ruining their lives. In school...
How Did Ancient Peoples Perceive Dreams?How Did Ancient Peoples Perceive Dreams?
14 Dec.
Man spends 1/3 of his life sleeping, dreaming of various things throughout it. Some dreams remain in our memory, others do not. Through dreams the human brain processes and orders all of the information received throughout...
How to Interpret your Worst NightmaresHow to Interpret your Worst Nightmares
25 May
You've refused to share the truth about whatever may have happened, to reveal your feelings and thoughts on it. 3....
How to Interpret Dreams about CrimesHow to Interpret Dreams about Crimes
19 Jan.
Dreams where we commit crimes or witness such naturally aren't the most pleasant. These nightmares usually instill us with emotions of guilt, fear, anger, remorse. We wake up from them suddenly, drenched in sweat...
Here's How Fear Can Kill youHere's How Fear Can Kill you
26 Oct.
Fear keeps us alive. The brain has special regions, genes, neurons and tricks dedicated entirely to the task of scaring us, in order to raise adrenaline levels and in turn improve our chances of surviving a threat....

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