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I have been cursed, what to do?

I have been cursed, what to do?

If you think you are cursed, you can remove it with certain rituals and actions. You just have to follow strictly the order of the actions of the ritual.

The order of actions is as follows: the time for the termination of a curse is not important, but you should know that the best acting magic rituals happen at full moon.

Magic is removed after a repetition of certain words no less than three times a day for five days. These words are spoken over water and this water is used to spray you or whomever was cursed. Words that need to follow are: "Purification of magic through the water that purifies everything. To return the magic to those who sent it".

To clear the spell, completely give up meat and alcohol for three weeks. The rituals of repetition of words take the first five days, but during the rest should go with the renunciation of alcohol and meat for the ritual to work properly.

For three weeks, once a day, do special breathing exercises. This will destroy the negative energy and will return it to whomever had sent it. Sit with your back straight, hands on hips or relax the body. Breathe out all your air and hold your breath for fifteen seconds, then inhale and repeat four more times.

If you are a believer, buy a church candle and while holding it in your right hand, make it cross your chest and read the prayer "Our Father." If the candle crackles strongly, it is a sign that the magic is still working on you.

To prevent the next time that someone will do magic on you, buy a piece of crystal and carry it close to your body for one year. Then bury it in a pot with soil and leave it for six months. Then take it back for a year - this will protect you from negative energy.

If you find a cursed item, such as a bundle of hair and/or needles, rotten egg bundles with an odd mixture or something, do not open the bundle in any event. Take it and go carefully to a nearby best river and throw it into the river upstream, uttering the words: "Return the magic to those who sent it."

And remember: Doing magic acts directly upon our karma and any interference in someone else's fate will be struck at a later date with full force upon the creator and guarantor of magic.