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What do your nails say about you?

What do your nails say about you?

The form of your nails can suggest how you can prevent trouble and problems or which you get involved in.

If you have a sharp wedge shaped nail, it suggest that you are too sensitive. To manage your emotions more effectively you need to slow down and count to ten before loosing your temper.

If your nails are too short, you have to curb your explosive temper. It is a good suggestion to suppress ones rage as it flares up at the smallest of reasons, resulting in one not being able to soberly evaluate the situation which happens most often causing all sorts of nonsense.

Large square nails, suggest that you are selfish. You should be more responsive to the views of others and not so cold.

Delinquent nails with an oval shape reveal that you are of a carefree and dreamy personality. The lack of practicality often prevents you to deal with everyday challenges in life. You should be stepped firmly on the ground and not underestimate the connections and money.