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What do Dreams on New Year's Eve Mean?

Antonia R.Antonia R.
New Year's Eve

The belief goes that any wish you make on New Year's Eve will come true. This is because the hours between December 31 and January 1 are the most magical time of year. Our dreams are also more potent and show us what we can expect throughout the New Year.

Whatever you dream on the night of New Year's Eve will definitely come true but it may take the entire calendar year to do so. If you dream of winning money or related symbols, you'll enjoy an enviable financial state the whole year.

Prophetic dreams on New Year's Eve may also give you signs for the necessary steps you must take to change your life for the better.

Success in your career


You'll keep getting ahead in your profession if on New Year's Eve you dream that you're flying without falling. Career success is also indicated by dreams having to do with a nice and pleasant trip, climbing staircases, climbing up mountains, planting trees.

Water can also symbolize an excellent year at the workplace. If you're drinking water or washing your feet in your dream you won't have any problems whatsoever professionally.

Love and marriage

If on New Year's Eve you dream that you've gotten together with your loved ones around a full table, this is a wonderful portent. It means that you can expect happiness within the family, as you'll accomplish everything you've planned with your partner.

Symbols of a happy love throughout the year are dreams of flowers, fruits and a ladybug that lands near you. Nesting birds, as well as comely animals, are also a sign that you'll be in love the entire year.

Financial successes

New Year

If you dream of yourself sleeping on the night going on January 1, there's no doubt about the unheard of financial success you'll experience during the New Year. You can also expect substantial income and financial well-being if you dream of lice. Other types of dreams indicating that you'll have money are ones where you're pouring yourself wine, wearing warm gloves, have long hair or witness bloomed trees.


The year won't be successful for you if you dream of chicks, if you see yourself shopping or if your face has a beard. A fire in a dream portends destruction. Digging a well, getting a haircut and broken items have the same meaning.

If you aren't too happy about guests that have come to visit you, you'll have serious problems when it comes to love. Any kind of dream where you feel confused, disappointed and unhappy means that the upcoming year won't be one of the easy ones for you.


In dreams, warnings appear in the form of those closest to you. Pay very close attention to the conversations you're having in your New Year's dream because these provide clues about how to avoid trouble and dangers during the year.