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Pick a Frog and Find out the Quickest Way to Get Rich

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Frog Test

According to Feng Shui, a frog statuette will attract money to your life. In ancient China it was believed that a frog can help you become rich. With that in mind, here's an interesting little test to help you find out your hidden financial talent.

1. Express yourself in fields such as journalism, fashion or on stage, in order to achieve a solid financial state. Try to be the center of attention and direct events around you.

2. Your ideas are going to make you phenomenally wealthy. You have a very keen mind and an unbelievably wide scope of thinking that'll help you realize yourself in the fields of law, science and finances.

3. You have the ability to help others and only when fulfilling this life mission will money fill your pockets. Choose the profession of a doctor, teacher or priest.

4. Work as part of a team to make it easier for you to earn money. Surround yourself with coworkers with whom you share common interests. You have to find it easy to share with them and feel supported.

5. Your hidden talent is to create comfort and coziness around you. You can open your own restaurant, coffee or flower shop and you'll get rich very quickly. Other suitable professions for you are chef, gardener and florist.

6. You're a person on the move and your mission is to travel. Great earnings in your case coincide with the fields of tourism and travel. Try to prove yourself in these fields and you'll become rich.

7. You have a strong need to earn as much money as possible. You would only truly enjoy life if you were wealthy. But to earn an immense income you have to get into the field of entertainment.

8. You can be a party organizer, photographer, showman, musician - these are quickest way to riches. Routine isn't for you and only a profession where you can express your gifts will allow you to become wealthier.

9. You have an incredible ability to sympathize with others, to understand their pains and fears. Any profession related to creativity, as well as becoming a psychologist, will help you become rich.

10. You are led by the need to do good for the people around you. Serve in the army or choose a profession such as a police officer or fields where you can provide constructive criticism.

11. The road to riches for you is related to construction. You can easily plan and correct others' mistakes and bring stability, without even realizing it. Focus on this gift of yours and you'll easily earn piles of money.

12. The ideal profession for you is in the transportation business. Choose one that has to do with modes of transports and you'll grow wealthy exceptionally quickly.

13. Your calling is to bring joy to others. Professions where you entertain others, make them laugh and make them see the world around them more positively will bring you riches.

14. You have an unmatched sense of humor. Use your wit and try to be center of attention and you'll surely become rich.

15. Your profession-calling has to do with you bringing order and cleanliness to the space around you. Become a pharmacist, doctor or scientist if you never wish to worry about your financial state.

16. No matter how unbelievable you might find it, water plays a key role in your destiny. Choose a profession related to this natural element and you're guaranteed to become richer.