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What do Dreams about School Signify?


School is a commonly seen element in the dreams of most students, since they spend so much time in the academic environment.

But for adults for whom that type of setting is no longer relevant, there is a different explanation for such dreams. Here's what dream interpreters have to say on the issue:

- If your school days are long gone and you dream of yourself once again in a classroom, this means that you're going to face some insignificant frustrations.

- If during a dream you see someone you know hitting the books, this indicates that you're soon going to have professional successes.

- Dreams related to school can be a sign that you miss something from the past or cannot yet find peace regarding something bad that had happened to you during your school years.

- Dreams where you once again see yourself in the classroom can also be a sign that you're experiencing insecurity in your life right now, that you're missing friends or maybe even a family setting.


- According to some dream interpreters, dreams of being in school appear to us to warn us that soon a big secret of ours is going to be revealed.

- If you're finding yourself at a crossroads in life and wondering what to do, a dream about school could be a sign that you'll soon receive enlightenment and a life lesson.

- If you dream that you're at a college or university, this portends that untrustworthy friends are soon going to appear in your life. After such a dream, it would be best to think carefully about who you make friends with.

- If in your dream you see yourself taking a test at school, this is a warning that you need to read more and refresh your memory about some things you've forgotten.

- If you dream of yourself carrying books to school, you're going to be taught an important lesson.

- If you dream that you're at school but that you're the teacher, there's a danger of you falling victim to another's reckless actions.

- If you dream that someone you know is the teacher and you're the student, this means that you need to heed the advice of those around you.