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Do we all have prophetic dreams?

Prophetic dreams

Everyone dream, however not all remember their dreams on waking up. I think almost every one in ones life dreams at least one dream in which is symbolic or to had dreamed an event that within days or weeks after it happened in waking life. These dreams are called prophetic dreams.

There are situations where it is useful to us and, even very important to transfer the information received during our sleeping world to the waking world. This is possible and it is certain that it can be successfully realized through meditation. However not everyone meditates but we all do sleep.

Some remember the information after waking from a vivid dream.

Often, the message is important, but misunderstood, especially with reoccurring dreams. These dreams are trying strongly to suggest something and sometimes with repetitive dreams our subconscious is trying to bring to the surface an old problem, fear, stress or even pain that one has suffered and this means we can be free.

Prophetic dreams contrary to popular opinion, are not rare, nor are they a sign of some special gift. Another question is what do we mean by a prophetic dream? And, how do we learn to interpret and understand dreams? . There are dreams in which we see one to one future event, which for us is of great importance. In other cases, we suggested it was possible to turn the events and that we face the remains of a challenge, to translate in plain language its a message encryption.

Indeed, if we use the concepts of linear time, dreams that carry messages relate to our past, and others with our future. This is so fleeting that a fraction of a second passes in the past, so let's assume that the present does not exist. What is the dream trying to tell us in our dreams? What is the language of which we speak? The dream helps us, warns us, the dream may enrich us or frighten us? You visualize the past or our future?

That we have to know and when we know that, we find that we know ourselves even better.



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06.08.2012 05:56
After years of very intensive research dealing with dreams I have found that all dreams no mater how large or small they might be are of an informative information in which we the dreamers can learn from. There are 3 distinct levels to dreams physical, mental and spiritual. The physical level is most of the time easy to spot while the mental is not such an easy target to spot in our waken state of being. Due to the fact we might think one way but say another in situations. Now the spiritual level is the level in which are not hard to spot but can be hard to understand if one is not aware of their own symbols of good and evil. Peace