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These are the 3 Zodiac Signs That Get Offended Most Easily

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Making a joke about another person's shortcoming can be quite tempting at times but you have to be cautious, as there are 3 zodiac signs that just don't understand this type of humor and are more likely to feel hurt.

These zodiac signs are more sensitive to other people's words and would rarely burst into laughter if you make fun of, albeit in a light-hearted manner, their weaknesses.

There are 3 signs that are easily affected by others' opinions, even ones they hardly know. They don't find it at all pleasant to have their flaws brought out in the open and are likely to feel insulted by even the most innocent little criticism.

Don't play tricks on them and don't criticize them sharply in front of others because this will hurt them and they may cut off all ties with you.

1. Cancer

Cancer is the most sensitive representative of the zodiac signs. They are easily injured and even if you don't mention them in a particular abusive remark, Cancers tend to see themselves in your words and feel affected.

You have to be careful how you behave toward representatives of this zodiac sign because they can turn exceptionally vindictive when treated with disrespect. They can fall into emotional crises but will make sure you experience their pain as well.

2. Pisces

Pisces are also one of the most vulnerable signs in the zodiac. The feeling of guilt is inborn in them, making it impossible to make quips at them. They'll instantly think that they've done something unforgivable and will want to disappear out of sight.

Representatives of this water sign aren't adept at controlling their emotions, which is why when they feel offended, they may hide somewhere and cry in secret.


3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, known for his stormy and fiery nature, is another one of the signs you can't joke around with freely. They truly dislike being the object of ridicule for others and will definitely show you when you've crossed the line.

This sign is not timid and shy - if you begin making fun of them, even in a joking manner, prepare for a war of words. You might even learn about your own shortcomings, which make you look bad in the eyes of others.