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What abilities do our fingers reveal

What abilities do our fingers reveal

For some of the capabilities of man, one can be judged by the length of his fingers. To predict the future of everyone, a palmist is needed. It suffices to look at your hands.

The difference in the length of the index and ring finger can judge for sporting success, and talents in science, for sexual orientation, and predisposition to certain diseases.

The length of the fingers indicates success in the commercial field. Brokers with longer ring fingers have saved more money to their customers of the financial market, than agents with short fingers.

It is believed that the ratio between the lengths of index and ring finger depends on the amount of male hormone testosterone, which occurs in the womb. Generally men have a longer ring finger, and women - a longer index finger.

Correlation with longer ring finger than index, most commonly occurs in men. Those with longer ring finger can boast success of the sports arena, especially in running and football.

Kids with longer ring fingers as a whole, show better science skills related to numbers - mathematics, physics, traditionally attributed to the male half of humanity.

The ratio in which the length of the index is greater than that of the ring, is more common in women. This difference shows the ability to learn, and is associated with education.

People with more advanced and longer indexes have better developed speech habits, and the general level of literacy in them is higher.

In women with homosexual orientation, often the ring finger is longer, suggesting the presence of more testosterone from the womb.

Just the opposite was observed in male homosexuals. In these, longer is the index, which is typical of the female half of humanity.