Do Good Deeds! Here`s Why

Doing good deeds

You must have wondered if there is justice in life. This is a somewhat philosophical question, but the answer can change the world around us. And if so, how exactly does justice work and how can good deeds change our daily lives?

If not, how will we be able to live in such a cruel and unfair world. Unfortunately, each of us at least once faced inequality, unfair play, rudeness and cruelty.

In such moments we sooner or later find ourselves at the crossroads of whether to choose good or evil. All that drives us in these moments is the upbringing our parents gave us, the belief in justice and moral principles, as well as the belief in goodness.

Good and evil

Although we have been taught from a young age that good will always conquer evil, not everyone stops short of using dishonest methods to achieve their goals in life. However, every person perfectly understands that these secret evil deeds can become a daily routine for them in a moment and take over their world, turning it into a small chaos.

Evil always easily to comes and sneaks into our lives, but is it worth risking our peace of mind, disregarding our personal principles and morals, doing such acts. That is why good deeds depend only on us and we should not allow offense or failure to make us cross the line, going over to the side of evil.

Only with good deeds will you be able to attract success in your life and feel like a truly worthy person.

Two reasons why we should be good

Good deeds

Thousands of years ago, humanity began to look for meaning in doing good deeds. Universal justice, hell and heaven, karma. The latter is becoming a particularly popular motivator for people today, as it is accepted that karma can affect anyone, whether you are rich or poor, sad or happy.

In other words, every action in our life has its own logical result and it depends only on us whether it will be good or bad. Also, many people are good simply for religious or philosophical reasons, but it is important to become more aware of these two aspects of goodness and happiness.

1. Karmic boomerang

In Buddhism, karma is believed to be the sum total of a person's completed actions and their consequences, which accordingly determine our fate, as well as whether we will be happy or not. If Christianity motivates people to do good deeds with the fact that they can go to heaven or hell, then Buddhism explains this by the fact that this way you will be reborn as truly happy people and have well-being in the family.

The popularity of karma and its influence is also explained by the fact that today the concept of rebirth or so-called reincarnation is becoming more and more popular. Without any laws or rules about reincarnation it would have rather a negative effect. That people would perceive everything in this way - do what you want, because you will be reborn and have a fresh start.

Good woman

In this way, reincarnation and the belief that our actions are tied even to whether we will be happy in the next life bring meaning to reincarnation. The more good deeds you do, the happier you will be in your next life.

With such motivation people feel much more comfortable, as it is always better to imagine this happiness and materialize it in our dreams, rather than to guess what hell or heaven is.

But what makes this karmic boomerang so wonderful?

We all want to believe in it, even though there is not a single scientific proof that good or evil can come back to us. However, such universal laws make sense and many people believe in them. But karma has gone even further, reaching even those people who do not believe in reincarnation, evolving into a boomerang. According to it, our good or bad deeds can overtake us not only in the next life, but as soon as tomorrow.

So, Confucius' cardinal rule Do not do anything to others, that you would not want them do to you also fits beautifully with the essence of the karmic boomerang. And even if all this is just an illusion, we can explain good deeds and why they matter today and now with one more motive.

By doing good deeds, people around you will remember you as a good person and you can always expect that even if you have troubles in life, there will be someone to help you and give you a hand.

2. Rational goodness

Do Good Deeds! Here`s Why

But what about people who don't believe in karma or reincarnation? Should you lose your motivation to do good deeds? Of course not! You must continue to believe in rationality, because good deeds are of great importance in maintaining order in this world - friendship, love, justice. All this rests precisely on the goodness in your hearts and not malice which can destroy even your private life.

When you ask yourself the question for what reason you should do good deeds, just remember everything beautiful and good in the world. Nothing you can think of could exist without kindness and love, because that's what makes the world go.

If you don't believe in any of this, then you can also think about harmony. This way, when we bring joy to our loved ones and friends, the hormone of happiness is released in our body. That's why everyone likes to prepare gifts for their loved ones - it makes us really happy.

By giving joy, we ourselves rejoice. As a result, we are always in a great mood. And it's no secret that a good mood inspires us to achieve our goals and dreams. Therefore, it can be said that the hormone of happiness is the main motivator in the world. However, when you are not in the mood, you would hardly be able to create something beautiful and spread happiness to the world around you.

Good will save the world

Good always has its chain reaction. Even just a gifted bouquet or a kind word can make the person next to you smile. Let kindness into your life and hearts, by enjoying the happiness and beauty of the world around you. Don't forget to also spread this goodness to those around you, by spreading happiness and good vibes!