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What do our Random Scribbles Reveal About us?


Everyone has, at one time or another, hastily scribbled something while having a phone conversation or sitting at an event.

Most of the time, these doodles end up in the trashcan later because we don't see them as anything important but according to experts we shouldn't just throw them out, as they can reveal a ton about our inner world. Take a look at the interpretations of some common drawings to get to know yourself better and to also figure out the character of others.

Stars - If you find yourself constantly scribbling stars on your notebooks and notepads, you are definitely a person of character. You are gifted with many qualities, while your ambition, impetus, desire for success and attention are not at all foreign to you.

Animals - In case you frequently depict animals such as cats or dogs, unconsciously, this is perhaps a sign that the coziness of home is something you're fond of and you have a need to stay at home more often. If your doodles consist predominantly of monsters that possess great strength, it is likely you yourself have leadership skills.

Houses - You probably never would have guessed that harmless drawings of houses could be hinting at unsuspected problems. If the home you've drawn is located somewhere off to the side from the rest of your doodles, you might be feeling isolated and misunderstood. On the other hand, if you've drawn the house with the smallest of details, perhaps you are missing something.

Dots - Dots on a sheet of paper may mean that you feel you haven't finished a task you've begun. They are also a sign that you're expecting something.

Ships - Keep in mind that in this case we don't analyze the vessel itself but the water around it. If it's turbulent it means something is worrying you. If instead the ships are floating in calm waters, it means you're on your way to realizing your goals without any issues.

Boxes - If you often draw boxes then you are a person who acts logically and who loves having control of the situation at the same time. You are a wonderful analyzer, which is why your friends often share their problems with you.

Letters - If you notice yourself unknowingly writing the same letter over and over, think about a loved one who's name begins with it. You most likely have something to clear up with that person.