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Palmistry - Thumbs and FingersPalmistry - Thumbs and Fingers
25 Oct.
That which makes India so wonderful is that it's spiritual, despite its poverty! What meanings do your thumbs and fingers reveal?...
Scorpio and the Other SignsScorpio and the Other Signs
25 Feb.
Scorpio has an uncompromising approach to relationships which is why he often does not get along with the other signs of the zodiac. Scorpio gets along perfectly with Aries in the bedroom but their union is one that...
Meaning and Properties of ZirconiumMeaning and Properties of Zirconium
19 Feb.
It helps the person wearing it overcome their losses, it treats mental illnesses and strengthens common sense....
Taurus and the Other SignsTaurus and the Other Signs
19 Feb.
The calm, friendly and peace-loving Taurus needs not only love and compassionate feelings but also privacy, financial stability and comfort. That's what he is looking for in his partner as well. Taurus has a passionate...
Dreams of Mirrors and PicturesDreams of Mirrors and Pictures
23 Oct.
If you have a dream of a mirror, this symbolizes your inner world. If what you see in the mirror makes you happy, this means that you're not suffering from any conflicts with yourself. But if your own face, seen in...
Geminids and Beliefs about MeteorsGeminids and Beliefs about Meteors
22 Oct.
The Geminids are a meteor shower caused by an object known as 3200 Phaethon. After the celestial body "died" its parts were scattered across its elliptical orbit in the Solar System. Once the orbit of our own planet...
Benefits and Properties of EmeraldBenefits and Properties of Emerald
15 Sept.
The emerald, also known as "smaragd", is a transparent variety of beryl with a saturated green color that is very rare and is considered a precious stone of the highest caliber. Ornaments with it have been used even in...
Meaning and Properties of ZirconMeaning and Properties of Zircon
17 Apr.
It is thought to be capable of establishing a clearer connection between your inner self and the spiritual teachers. It allows a person to achieve peace with themselves....
Meaning and Properties of AlexandriteMeaning and Properties of Alexandrite
26 Mar.
Alexandrite is among the rarest gemstones in the world. It possesses the unique ability to turn green under direct sunlight and red under artificial lighting. According to legend, during the day alexandrite turns into...
Dreams of Relatives and FriendsDreams of Relatives and Friends
03 Aug.
In the world of dreams, we encounter many people, sometimes even our relatives. To find out why you dreamt of a specific person, think about what exactly connects you with them and what has occurred in their life recently...
Dreams of Angels and VampiresDreams of Angels and Vampires
21 June
If in your dream an angel appears, this is a sign that soon you will fall in love. Even if you don't know that you've already fallen prey to your feelings toward someone, this dream is a harbinger of a real storm of...
Dreams of Cliffs and FloodsDreams of Cliffs and Floods
19 June
If you dream of falling off a cliff, this means that you will face a serious danger and experience a great sense of fear. If you manage to hold on to the edge of the cliff, a horrible misfortune will pass you by. If...
Dreams of Fish and CrabsDreams of Fish and Crabs
16 May
If in a dream you witness dead fish in an aquarium, this is a sign that you must think about whether everything that you are doing has the ability to provide you with enough material comfort. An aquarium filled with...
Maundy Thursday - Myths and TraditionsMaundy Thursday - Myths and Traditions
17 Apr.
According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was caught at the Garden of Gethsemane during prayer. Easter eggs are traditionally dyed on this day. The Last Supper was held on the night of Maundy Thursday, when Jesus predicted...
Mandrake Magic and the OccultMandrake Magic and the Occult
10 May
Mandrake is one of the most important occult plants. It is considered half plant -half man, who is able to kill everyone with its cry. Mandrake is the mysterious plant used for occult rituals. In Greek mythology, mandrake...