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Ancient Egyptians and kissing death

Ancient Egyptians and kissing death

Grave of men kissing was discovered in 1964 during an archaeological excavation of ancient tombs in the vicinity of Cairo. Once the archaeologists dug the tomb, they found neither the king nor treasures.

It shocked them somewhat, but the surprise came later. On the wall of the tomb were buried embossed images. These were two men. Surprisingly, however, was that they were frozen in a hug.

Their hands were intertwined, and their noses rub each other, which in ancient Egypt are believed to be an intimate kiss. A relief was written under their names and these were Nianhhnum and Hnumhotep. Egyptologists decipher them and give their occupation; they were personal manicurists to the Pharaoh during the fifth dynasty.

In the tombs of the Pharaoh were found his wife, children and even pets but never the latter husband who does not seem to be of a direct relative. Scientists still disagree on the question of relations between the two manicurists.

According to one hypothesis they were Siamese twins who just cannot but touch each other. According to others their relationship was pure love and therefore those who buried them have enabled them to be together in death.

Scientists have not yet discovered the mysterious reasons for this strange burial. They believe that the truth on this issue will shed light on homosexual relationships in the palace of the ancient Pharaohs.