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The Symbol of Yin and Yang and What the New Day Will Bring


Yang is symbolized by the light part of the Yin-Yang symbol and bears the dark mark of Yin. Yin is symbolized by the dark part of the circle, and bears the mark of Yang. When balanced, Ying and Yang are in perfect harmony.

The energies of Yin and Yang change throughout the day. In the afternoon, one will find that Yang energy is predominant, but by midnight, Yin has taken over. During the night, the energy of Yin Chi is high, thus promoting relaxation as well as good rest. For a philosophical thinker, the evenings are the best time to delve into deep thought. As dawn approaches, the Yin Chi energy gradually loses predominance, and with the first rays of the sun, the Yang energy belonging to the universe becomes an active ingredient in our daily lives.

As Yang is an active energy, it is good to exercise in the morning, as the energy surrounding us gives us a feeling of refreshment and enables one to have a strong vigorous workout. One may find that going for a workout in the afternoon may seem a little more challenging, as it is this time of day in which the energies of Yang Chi increase. By the late afternoon, the Yang Chi energy is at its peak and one will notice a decrease in one's energy levels.

During twilight, the powerful energies of Chi promote the feeling of completion of the working day, and enable one the opportunity in which to wind down and look forward to a peaceful and relaxing evening's rest.