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Adding ying and yang effectively

Adding ying and yang effectively

Below is a short list of ways to introduce Ying and Yang into your home or office.

Adding Ying:

. Dark or muted tones for the walls

. Dim lighting.

. Furniture with smooth, Curved lines.

. Low furniture such as couches. (Furniture should not reach more than half way to the ceiling)

. Add soft pillows

. The room should be quiet (No radio, television)

. Immobility (heavy furniture)

. Dark heavy curtains

. Use soft, silky or velvety fabrics that are pleasing to touch.

Adding Yang:

. Bright tones and colours

. Bright Lighting

. Furniture with straight lines and angles.

. High furniture such as wall units and cabinets.

. Furniture such as high back chairs.

. Introducing action through sound by adding a wall clock, radio.

. Mobility (furniture on wheels)

. Display books, collectables and artwork

It is important to remember to reassess the balance of Ying and Yang in your home or office from time to time, as by adding a new ornament or pot plant could disrupt the balance, as could removing an item or changing the wall colour.