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The cat and the darkness

The cat and the darkness

"... She believes in superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls", is said in a Ricky Martin song. It is not the first that since ancient times there are few animals that are as loved and undesirable as cats. They are surrounded by myths and superstitions ranging from the ridiculous to the terrifying and however not without reason.

Unlike other domestic animals, they can be trained and are usually loyal and friendly, cats seem to have their own perceptions. If you have a cat, can you honestly say you've never noticed the cat to bestow a glance while walking around?

In fact, according to the Chinese legends the cats were chosen by the gods to rule the world and even gave them the power of speech, but as cats just wanted to be lazy and not run anything, the powers were given to people.

Cats possess the ability to make people nervous at the wrong time. They have a tendency to stiffen their bodies as they notice something not visible to the naked eye. This has led to where our ancestors believe that cats are able to see Spirits.

Soon thereafter, they were also credited with the ability to make weather forecasts and even as the Indonesian legends tell, are even to control the rain.

Although reverence and fear apply to all cats in general, it seems more true for the questioning of the Black Cats. The most likely reason lies in the fact that the black color has always been associated with the color of the night, when evil occurs. Black is also famous for, among other things, power, sexuality, sophistication, wealth, mystery, bad luck, misfortune, fear, emptiness and sadness (as well as during funerals). So the worst type of magic is black magic. It is not surprising that in most parts of the world black cats are a symbol of evil.

Cats were associated with the gods, the devil, witchcraft, religion and the supernaturals for centuries across many cultures. Superstition is reinforced by incidents such as the King of England, Charles I, who owned Herna the cat. He was arrested the day after his cat died and executed immediately thereafter.

However as a whole in Britain and Australia the black cats are considered a symbol of luck and some people even think about white cats as bad luck.

Here are some common superstitions about cats...

- If a black cat crosses your path, you will have good or bad luck, depending on local customs and beliefs.

- To remove the bad luck of a black cat crossing your path, the solution is to return to the place where it happened and walk backwards counting to 13.

- It is said that cats have been concealed with witches or attend as their assistants.

- Also it was believed that cats are demons and ghosts inhabiting their bodies and thus have supernatural powers.

The cat and the darkness

- It is still believed that the spirits could return only if they have the body of a cat, and only an evil spirit may take the body of a black cat.

- To see a black cat after midnight is tantamount to see Satan himself.

- If you see a cat sitting on the grave of a deceased person, it means that the human soul is possessed by the devil, but if two cats are fighting, then it means the grave of the devil and the angel guardian of the deceased person are fighting for ones soul.

- In Ireland, if a black cat crosses your path in moonlight, means death of the epidemic.

- Still believed that if a black cat abandoned the house, misery will befall on its inhabitants.

- To dream of a black cat is a warning that something bad is about to happen.

- If a black cat comes into ones house or a ship by itself it is considered a good omen and that the cat should never be expelled, as to bring bad luck.

Fishermen and seamen have always been very superstitious, and have many beliefs associated with cats.

For example

- It is considered lucky to have a cat on board, especially if it was completely black.

- Also, if a cat is to expire a sailor on deck, he will have good luck, but if it crosses his path, it means disaster.

- The sailor will be successful if the cat on his ship came to him, but if it is laid back in the middle of its path it means bad luck.

- Guaranteed way to cause a storm at sea is to throw a cat of board.

- Women of sailors and fishermen kept the black cat at home to ensure that their husbands will escape danger at sea, this has led to many black cats stolen.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that cats may affect luck. Indeed, in an experiment performed by Mark Levin he proved that neither black nor white cat can cause drastic changes in fortune of the people.

But despite all evidence to the contrary, superstitions about cats are so ancient and so rooted in our soul that it will take centuries before the cat can be considered completely innocuous.



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23.09.2012 20:50
Hhahah I don't believe in things like black cats are cursed! After all.. they aren't guilty that they have black fur!
Ps: I have black cat for pet! haha :D