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Karma, Free Will and Destiny

Karma, Free Will and Destiny

Karma, Destiny and the freedom of having free will is still so very unclear and misunderstood in today’s modern life. There were some civilizations that understood this philosophy of life, they were known as the ancient Sages.

It is said to be able to reveal ones karma of past will aid in determining the way one looks at life and the world. Our choices are always that to obtain happiness and not that of unhappiness these choices are therefore made through our freedom of free will. The sage people explained their teachings quite simply explaining that karma activity is about understanding and excepting ones limitations yet learning to maximize ones opportunities for the growth of life. Karma is also what we have already done and presented from our actions in the past that shows consequence in the future. Making it so that the past is actually our future, thin about it what I am trying to explain is that of future is based on our past.

Experiencing Karma from our past can be aided from that of the readings of the astrologer as it readings come from the planetary influences, however these only tell us of the past karma's Law of karma therefore spins over fate and fate is banished from existence. It gives us the inspiration to live a good clean life otherwise bad karma will be presented and provoke us to suffer in some way. Regulating our actions with the aid of the information allows one to become wiser.

Let’s now move on to free will. Free will is that of using our will without influence or obstructions surrounding us. However some scientists have presented their scepters to us stating '' Man has always been able to do what he wills, it is that he cannot will what he wills''. Another goes on to say that he cannot understand what people mean when they go on about the freedom of the human will.

Past Karma's (samskaras) are the influence to our free will. However some situations are already determined and some are not. Major events that occur in ones life like, birth and death may be because of destiny and the initiation into the spiritual life. So ones physical nature and social position in the family are that of nature, meaning one can not change these factors hence these being the main determination. However nature allows us some freedom to make our own self. It is also said that we will be rewarded for our efforts so astrology tells since the light if divinity is present in all of us.

Lets take a look at the other side of it, some parts of our life is predetermined giving the fact we do not have choice but to born into the world and we enter with impressions. These impressions are that of our emotions that give motivation to us during our life. These come from our past lives and stay deep within our subconscious minds motivating our utmost desires. This then transmits into our actions and inner thoughts of oneself. Sages go on to teach us that one has ultimate control over ones actions, it is their actions that have no control over the results.

Let’s take a look at what the astrologer says; Two forces, Daiva and Purushakara – Fate and energy of the individual.

The individual energy and run over fate enabling one to tweak the fate of oneself. Indication from the stars however says that there isn't just one possibility for fate but several. An example is, it could be ones fate to die during the middle age period of ones life, however pure determination of the individuals energy can override this and on may live on to a predictable old age. Simply astrology supports the idea of benefice and malefic tendencies, of which can be modified through conscious effort.

Karma, Free Will and Destiny

From this how do we define astrology? It is a faith one beliefs in to be true to aid with the determination of our Karma. It is a philosophy of analyzing past impulses and future actions of planetary configurations.

Astrology to some is known as the science that indicates. However this does not go on to give meaning of our destiny as Astrology in this sense does not follow the rule of the stars. The stars simply record the found destiny. T stars being that of a symbol and not of a force like Astrology. It is important to be taught when learning of this subject that planets indicate the energy that influences a situation at a certain time, the planets therefore do not dictate.

Karma and astrology are linked through thermometer and body temperature. However the planets do not dictate an event for the thermometer to show a temperature. It simply gives indication the challenges one faces in life determined from past actions.

As we now know that astrology has ultimately been given to one to guide them by there conscious decision and tendencies in life. They are four Parusharthas, or if you like a guideline to living consciously.

• Dharma (right conduct)

• Artha (wealth and finances)

• Kama (pleasure and entertainment in the earthly domain)

• Moksha (ultimate liberation) allowing one with correct spirit to rise towards God consciousness.



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